What happen with tannoy speakers in USA ?

Hi friends,
I post this question because I want to know what happen with Tannoy speakers in USA, specially the Prestige series ?
Tannoy Prestige series are very popular in Europa and Japan but I couldĀ“t find or read about them in USA. Very little number of dealers, reviews and Audiogon virtual systems.
I will apreciate your opinions because for me Tannoy Prestige series are the most natural speakers.
most high end companies are taking it on the chin in the u.s.
Tannoy speakers are great but the Prestige series isn't for everyone.

1), Size and WAF
2). Price
3). Lack of aggressive marketing
4). Many, many options for loudspeakers in the U.S.
I know a couple of Tannoy dealers and they never carry anything above the TD12. It seemed to me that Tannoy was or is chasing the HT market in the US and never really did a good job of marketing like their buddies at B&W.
I heard Tannoy $12,000 Yorkminster this weekend. This is the real deal. One of the best speakers I have ever heard. Not lush like Cremona. Not hyped up like B&W. Not colored and lacking transparency like Wilson. This is a speaker with a timeless sound quality that I think you could be happy with for a long time despite improvements in technology because it gets things so right to begin with.
They have the best dynamic shading and textures of sounds I have ever heard. 94dB efficient and phase / time coherent point source sound. Only problems were soundstaging from a 12" driver can't match a 3" single driver and you may not like the "British sound".
I have the smaller sibling of the Yorkminister which is the Kensington a 10" dual concentric driver with Alnico magnets. I have had it for a month now. I have owned many high $$$ speakers like the B&W 802, Wilson Sophia, Merlins MM , Deadalus Audio DA-1 and Avantgarde Duos in the past 5 years and these Tannoys are the best I have heard in my system. As stated above these are the most natural non fatiguing speakers with beautiful sweet highs and a fantastic soundstage. The dynamics are incredible compared to the AG DUOS.
I am driving these Tannoys with EAR 890 tube power amp (70W class A) and the combination is magical.