What happen??

Had a power surge that shut down 1300 homes, so I unplugged the amp, CD and Noise Harvesters. When power came up I plugged all back in but... the ARC CD 3 Mk 2 didn't come to life not even after using the front panel buttons, changing the PC and retrying for 5-7 mins. After 45 mins. my wife tried plugging something in to check that socket and it worked so, she tried the front panel buttons on the CD with no results, she continued by pressing 1 button at a time and then the Stand By. the 2nd button she pushed the display flashed. So she hit the Stand By and the CD came to life! She called me and I tried making sure by powering down and hit the Stand By and my beloved ARC was alive!! Tried a CD and all seems well now, But, can anyone help me as to what may have happen??? The Unit has ALWAYS comes to life when plugged in, NOT almost an hour later, can someone help?

And now should I have to get a surge protector of some sort? AND IF SO what would be best recommended on a very tight budget?
For now make sure you disconnect all the way from the wall your whole system when not used.
I got a 1300 joul unit at Lowes for $30ish. Unless you have fancy wiring and such I highly doubt you will notice any difference.
What happened? the unit was confused and in standby when disconnected. It probably took the right button to unconfuse it.
I would notworry about it any further. But do get the surge protector
Really no surge protection.. seriously.. Yes get yourself something decent.. PS Audio, Shunyata, your system will thank you..
Shunyata together with PS will be screwed by heavy surge for a lot more than $30 or $50. They're designed as power conditioners not as surge protectors.
My question is, what about a surge protector recepticle from vh audio or the parts connection?, would this work with out any restraining of the current for low power consumtion such as pre-amps, digital products, anything but power amps?
Thanks so far your responses. I have never before had anything like this ever happen and it spooked me big time!
I had looked into Shunyata and PS Audio but (There's ALWAYS a but!) recently financial things have happen and other personal issues. Elizabeth, you offer me a very sound observation Thank you and I love the way I have got my system to sound. Czarivey & Mceljo, I don't want to alter the sound I have worked so hard to achieve but can you be more specific to something that would be helpful? I use the amp and CD on separate outlets and only need a single outlet unit such as in the Audience aR2p. I have a couple of small plug in surge protectors that I used to use but I had read that such introduces noise and or distortion and that it was better to have them plugged directly in at the wall and so that's what I have done for a while now but. still I don't want anything to happen, could you all (try) to expand on the idea(s) and offer an opinion for me please? Thanks very much.
Rsjm80, you don't mention what your budget is but several years ago I bought a Furman Elite-15 PFi. I was one of those people who thought they had pretty good power and I bought it mainly to tame the mass of cables behind my rack running to two separate outlets. I was stunned by the positive change it made in my system. It has the added benefit of surge protection too. I still unplug during severe weather but now I just have one plug to pull. :)

Elizabeth is also a fan of Furman but I believe she uses their reference series. Audio Advisor sells the 15 PFi for $699 although they occasionally have an open box or demo for slightly less.
Djohnson54, I had similar experience with Furman Elite 20PFi. Over/under voltage protection is non-sacrificial.
Djohnson54 Right now my budget is very tight as I'm recovering from surgery and just don't have the need for anything that has multipul outlets as I'd then have to cut my PCs and have them shortened to contend with cord lengths and I'd much prefer not to have to invest in a nice stand alone that would require what I've already mentioned plus still have to contend with another PC so that leaves me in a quandary. For now if I could find a solution that would be inexpensive but, not sonically harmful that would be my best solution in the short term. Thanks for the recommendation of the Furman, I'll also check out their offerings and see if something might fit me and I'll post later.
Rsjm80, I understand about the budget. I'm not clear on your reference to multiple outlets. Unless you plan on using a surge protecting outlet(s) as Audiolabyrinth refers to, it would seem that a device with multiple outlets would be necessary. In any case I know that Furman also makes power strips http://www.audioadvisor.com/Power-Line-Strips/products/294/ that are less expensive but I have no experience with those.
Furman's protection doesn't wear out and it doesn't have internal components that age. You can buy used one if you find a very good deal. One bank of outputs on my Furman are "high current" (still filtered) intended for power amp or sub. I don't hear loss of dynamics with amp plugged into them but others reported loss with some conditioners.