What guage hook up wire would be the best?

The cooler weather is coming and I feel like heating up the soldering gun.

I plan to instal new,better, rca inputs on my amps and upgrade the wire to them as well.

My question is what would be the most suitable guage hook up wire to use with the top level Furutech rca inputs ?
I wish I had an answer for you but I have to ask: just how cold does it get where you live?


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So cold we forget how to spell.
Aren't there specific guages suggested with the RCA pickups?? I might also be concerned with the type wire you are buying I would think someone would know which applications the wire is used for if you are buying from a site the specializes in DIY.
There is also a DIY board on Audio Asylum I am sure they will help.
Vh audio is a great diy site. Their silver is around a 26awg with an easy to remove teflon foam. I am considering that for my quickie preamp wire upgrade. I like silver plated copper but in that size, removal of the teflon is difficult without wire damage.
I would use solid core silver with teflon or cotton insulation.
An ultra pure single crystal copper would do too. (just do not touch the metal bare handed)
Any gauge between 22 on up to 16 would be good IMO.
With 20 the best average.. for RCA..
An especially good place to shop for interconnect wire & much more: ( http://percyaudio.com/Catalog.pdf ) See page 2