What group do you wish would be remastered?

Listening to some old Moody Blues albums last night I noted how much I enjoyed the content but was disappointed by the sound.

This is one group whose catalog I wished would be re-mastered to modern day standards, thus, improving the muddy multi tracked sound.

Any other groups worth remastering?
I'd like to see (hear) the Fabulous Thunderbirds many CDs combined and re-mastered using the JVC 20Bit K2 process.

BTW, Ramstl, you finally won me over and I recently acquired a Marantz Professional CDR500 CD Recorder-- really like that machine. My daughter escaped with my Pioneer CD-R;>) Cheers. Craig
Fingerprintz (excellent Scottish pop from the 80's. Look at allmusic.com for info).

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
From Allmusic.com:
Now sadly relegated to footnote status, England's Fingerprintz were one of the few bands that lent credibility to the marketing-inspired expression "new wave." Formed by Scottish-born singer/guitarist Jimmie O'Neill in 1978, the 'Printz slowed down punk's careening guitar rock, adding clever, rhythmic twists and turns, and offering up deftly written stories about lust, angst, and urban desolation. The problem was finding an audience; the music was certainly spot-on, but one can only guess as to what kept hordes of people away. Certainly it wasn't the quality of their recorded work, which, despite occasional concessions to slick production, is mostly smart and insightful. Perhaps it was simply a matter of being out of step with the zeitgeist or simply not getting a break. O'Neill decided to call it a day after the third and final 'Printz record, Beat Noir, in 1981. However, the story has a sort of happy ending: O'Neill and fellow 'Printz guitarist Cha Burns formed the Silencers in 1987, a band that reaped much greater commercial success than did the 'Printz. Ironically, the Silencers' records weren't nearly as good as that of Fingerprintz. All three Fingerprintz records are long out of print, which is a thinly veiled recommendation for someone to compile a CD anthology. — John Dougan
Jethro Tull. All of their recordings sound like junk. Then again, i can understand why. Ian Anderson thinks that CD's sound better than vinyl. Maybe if he got rid of that Fisher-Price Close-n-Play and..... Sean
Dead Can Dance,El Camaron/Paco De Lucia,Mahavishnu Orchestra-Visions Of The Emerald Beyond-,Oregon.
Most of the Dylan output still requires upgrading.
The difference between the recent Street Legal and the orignal CD release is night and day in terms of improvement.
There are some releases due out but in typical Sony style they are all over the place in terms of order.
Fleetwood Mac's classic West Coast incarnation could do with a polish up too........
The Beatles ONE obviously featured remastering which I would have thought meant the whole catalogue would get done.
Similarly Floyd though the CD incarnations have been done three times previous to Echoes(not counting the Gold CD's)might mean the band are reluctant.....
Alot of good ones listed, I would love to see them remaster"The New Tony Williams Lifetime / Believe It" album
which features Allan Holdsworth on guitar since as far as I know they never released it on CD.
My wish list isn't only stuff I'd like to see re-mastered, but possibly re-recorded: Jethro Tull "Thick as a Brick", Spooky Tooth "The Mirror", Alice Cooper "Killer", Bruce Springsteen "Darkness on the Edge of Town", Frank Zappa "Tinseltown Rebellion", J. Geils Band "Monkey Island", Max Webster "Diamonds Diamonds", Pete Townshend "Empty Glass", Red Rider "Don't Fight It", Split Enz "Time and Tide", Supertramp "Even in the Quietest MomentsÂ…", The Fixx "Reach the Beach", Eric Clapton "461 Ocean Boulevard", The Clash "London Calling", Bruce Cockburn "Waiting for a Miracle", Daryl Hall & John Oates "Live at the Apollo Theatre", Bob Marley and the Wailers "Legend", Elton John "Madman Across the Water", Midnight Oil "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1", Saga "In Transit", Styx "Crystal Ball", Trooper "Two For The Show", Stevie Ray Vaughan "Couldn't Stand the Weather". *whew*
Sean....Jethro Tull's early work with the exception of 'Benefit' has all been remastered on vinyl at least once. 'This Was' is available from EMI and is an excellent recording. I bought this album when it first came out and still consider it to be one of the best. 'Stand Up' has also been remastered by EMI and sounds very good. 'Benefit' is compressed sounding although hardly offensive. Perhaps it would benefit (had to say it!) from a remaster. 'Aqualung' was a disappointing recording to begin with (bright and lacking bottom end), but it has been remastered by both MFSL and DCC. 'Thick As A Brick' is an excellent recording and has been remastered twice. I have the EMI version and am not sure who did the other one (MFSL?), but it is out of print. IMHO Jethro Tull went rapidly down hill beginning with 'Passion Play' and never recovered. So I can't comment on their later work. With the exception of Aqualung and possibly Benefit I would hardly say their early work sounded like junk (far from it), which makes me wonder what LPs you are listening to (hopefully not the CDs considering your comments)and what you are using for a source.

Tsugury...Tony Williams Lifetime 'Believe It' was released on CD several years ago with 'Million Dollar Legs' on a single CD by Columbia Legacy titled 'Tony Williams Lifetime - The Collection.' It was a 1992 release and you should be able to find a used copy if you look. Don't know if it's still available new. Great music though.....
Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen (beyond belief that these two artists have not been remastered), Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac (70's-80's-90's version), Van Morrison (Warner Brothers catalog), Neil Young, Rosanne Cash, Mary Chapin Carpenter
Jeff both Madman Across The Water and Empty Glass (one of my all time favourites)have indeed both been remastered.
Thanks for the update Tswhitsel. It looks like I need to sneak out of my "bubble" a little more often : ) Sean
Townsend/Lane "Rough Mix", Passport "Infinity Machine" and any of the early Osibisa albums (fantastic African Rock).
Well, this goes way beyond remastering, but I've often wondered if modern techniques could do anything with the Yardbirds' 1968 Anderson Theater concert. To cover up repeated recording mistakes, the record company overdubbed crowd noise at seemingly random points, making it sound like the audience is repeatedly shouting "Ole!" during the concert. Jimmy Page hated it so much he blocked its release for a while. For Led Zep buffs, this concert includes the first recording of "Dazed and Confused."
The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. I'd love to see them re-mastered correctly, and possibly re-issued with the stereo and mono version on one CD (since all of those albums are so short). I highly doubt that will ever happen, but a fella can dream, can't he?

I had noted that you purchased a pro unit and was going to e-mail you directly but I got to busy. I hope you are enjoying it. BTW if you check out American Digital's web site you can get 100 TY's for $27.00.

I'm glad people mentioned Tull, Paul Simon and Van Morrison. These are some of my other favorites which I would agree need remastering. Now how do we lobby the industry?
Most of Gentle Giant's recordings have been remastered. I have In A Glass House that is a copy of the original record jacket. It also has a live version of Glass House on it. Great band. Ian Anderson liked them so much that he got them signed to Chrysalis. Of course they were somewhat similar but I think G.G. was a little more progressive.

And Sean, have you heard the newest Tull album J Tull.Com?
It's quite good.

Then Play On is probably my fav. Fleetwood Mac album and really could benefit from a remaster.
Ditto Little Feat, although they have just done Waiting for Columbus and it is awesome compared to the original issue. I'd also like to see...
1. David Bromberg
2. nrbq
3. beatles
4. jerry jeff walker
5.the dead
Rwwear, I also have a copy of "In a Glass House" with the see-thru panel on the cover. I used to have it on vinyl too. It is a great album. Very progressive. It is my favorite of all Gentle Giant albums.
peter gabriel remasters came out 5/7/02

I'd like to see Neil Young (when's the 10 disc (overkill)box set

seriously - Todd Rundgren japanese remasters very nice but expensive
Steely Dan remasters well worth the upgrade
King Crimson remasters very nice - old stuff still in record bins

Van Morrison - some have been remastered - Moondance has not
too many cheap copies floating around

how about a box set of fairport convention?

What about the old Fresh Aire albums?
I would pay Chip Davis and crew 10,000 to replay, note for note Fresh Aire 1 through 5.

Also, Welcome to the canteen..... Ahh to send Stings engineers back in time with todays equipment to capture that album...

Stan Rogers. All his albums. Great as they stand, but again.....where are the sound people for Sting when you need them?

The Dead, all of it.

Arc of a diver.


On and on and on......
"What about the old Fresh Aire albums?
I would pay Chip Davis and crew 10,000 to replay, note for note Fresh Aire 1 through 5."

You need to go to your local cd shop, they are remastered now in HDCD.
The Beatles, first and foremost. It's a crime, in this day and age, to have to listen to material recorded in the Sixties and remastered in the Eighties, without the benefits of recent technological advances.

The Stones catalogue, too, could do with a good and proper remastering job.
Audiotomb I'm with you on Fairport. Probably few care about this one but I would LOVE to hear Sarah Vaughn's "With Voices" remastered. Even though she isn't a group. I really dig that album and the 3 copies I have on vinyl are all terrible. I would also add the early Stones albums.

no kidding on the Beatles remasters

to get a taste of it
they have remastered all the songs for 1
and Yellow Submarine soundtrack

check those out
Abbey Road seems to be the noisiest Beatles disc

I would like to see just about every Jazz/Rock fusion recording remastered, especially those from the mid 70's. I'm not an analog purist by any means, but the rush to market for these CD's left me longing for the original LP's.
As far as the Rolling Stones are concerned, love the music but have to wonder if remastering can help music that was so poorly recorded in the first place.
The single most dubious recording of all time to me has to be Miles Davis "Sketches of Spain", love the music but I just can't listen to the recording.
I'd like to see Smashing Pumpkins remastered, even though they were released in the 90's. If Melon Collie..... had the recording quality of the Tool releases, it would be an all-time great rock album, IMO. Unfortunately, it's all sort of mushed together (guess that's why they called it grunge). -Kirk
Re: My comment of 4/25 on "Live Yardbirds Featuring Jimmy Page": Seems somebody did, in fact, remaster this about two years ago, a little joint in Norwalk CT called Mooreland St. Records. Apparently Page got wind of it and may have shut down its distribution.