What great speakers can buy direct?

After exhausting what's available in dealers showrooms locally, I was wondering which high end speaker manufacturers offer a direct in home trial?

I'm basically looking for bookshelf or floorstanders in the $3K-$7K price range. I know about maggies but except for the MMG's are too large for the room. Very interested in learning about which manufacturers (like Salk Song) that offer a 30-60 day in home demo.
Zu audio has 60 day home trials on all their speakers. They also make great speakers. I have a pair of Superfly Supreme's.
What are Zu and Daedalus like? I have an MMG in the house and may move up to a 1.7 also.
I would suggest Axiom Audio or Zu Audio. Axiom audio is more on the HT side, but Zu offers some very very nice speakers below your price range. It also depends on your musical tastes. I have owned a pair of Zu Omen Def speakers and they were simply sweet (sold to my brother). Mind you that's my perspective, I found them very dynamic with plenty of low end. Plus you can get them customized to pretty much any color and finish you want.