What great speakers can buy direct?

After exhausting what's available in dealers showrooms locally, I was wondering which high end speaker manufacturers offer a direct in home trial?

I'm basically looking for bookshelf or floorstanders in the $3K-$7K price range. I know about maggies but except for the MMG's are too large for the room. Very interested in learning about which manufacturers (like Salk Song) that offer a 30-60 day in home demo.
I would suggest Axiom Audio or Zu Audio. Axiom audio is more on the HT side, but Zu offers some very very nice speakers below your price range. It also depends on your musical tastes. I have owned a pair of Zu Omen Def speakers and they were simply sweet (sold to my brother). Mind you that's my perspective, I found them very dynamic with plenty of low end. Plus you can get them customized to pretty much any color and finish you want.
Here are a couple of good internet sites that I have seen recommended,

Ascend Acoustics
Polk Audio
Accessories4Less (refurnished and cables)
PartsExpress (accesories)

Try google for a search query!

Hope this helps.
As suggested in your other thread, give Selah Audio a look. Great speakers, with a wide range and options to choose from.
I know of 3, I'm sure there are more, that offer between 30-60 day in home trial.

Studio Electric

Von Schweikert Audio

Seleh Audio

Some will charge a re-stocking fee if you return them.
Where are you located?
Buy the Magnepan MMG and have them modified by Peter Gunn. This leaves about $4k left for sub(s)or upgrading electronics.
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Tekton might have something for you.
Yes, tekton. Looks like he changed his product line some.
Zu audio has 60 day home trials on all their speakers. They also make great speakers. I have a pair of Superfly Supreme's.
What are Zu and Daedalus like? I have an MMG in the house and may move up to a 1.7 also.
What State do you live?
Larry, check out Janszen. They just introduced a new stand-mount model that fits within your budget range. I've not heard it but have lots of experience with their zA2.1 which uses the same drivers, only more of them. David is great to work with and does offer a home trial.

Good luck.
Ohm offers a 120-day in home trial (although you loose the shipping round trip if you return).



Roundsound.com (Gallo)

Other online retailers selling speakers:



Also, note to Tom6897 - 6AVE.com is not much like the old Sixth Avenue Electronics chain. They don't really sell any speakers, according to their web site.
Had no idea Von Schweikert sold direct. Ohm, Daedalus, Seleh, etc from the other thread look interesting too. Better to spend a year auditioning than buying something site unseen. Not that I have anything like that kind of willpower..;)
ACI, a/k/a Audio Concepts
A pair of MMGs and a pair of Rythmik or SVS subs (all direct, all in-home trial) makes for a great, full-range system that might fit in your room without dominating it. Similarly, a pair of smaller Ohms with subs might do the trick (tho at a cost premium). Either way, pairing the subs/mains with appropriate electronics makes it easier to optimize this approach - I'm a fan of Audyssey (or similar) to ensure smooth response thru the "hand-off" from sub to main. The good news is that the MMG/sub combo plus a suitable amp (Harman Kardon HK 990, for example) can be had new for well under $4K, well within your budget.

Just one more idea to kick around.
I bought harbeth shl5 directly,because there was no dealer in my country
Tyler acoustics
Selah, songbird...
Reference 3A if you have no local dealer.
Of the above choices, which are most musical/non fatiguing?
Kef seems to if you have no local dealer. I would guess in today's age of declining physical stores and increasing web commerce many do...though you might have to email them for confirmation. It is a tricky thing as physical dealers look for support of the distribution channel and manufacturing companies understand that..but high end audio is unique and business models are changing.

"which are most musical/non fatiguing?" Impossible to answer since I doubt any one of us has heard them all.

But I will say this about the Janszen; because of the electrostatic mid/tweeter, it offers wonderful detail and clarity with no apparent distortion. For me, those factors equate to musicality and non-fatiguing listening.

Add to that the broad frequency response (with proper set up), soundstaging, and ability to play at low levels without loosing details right up to high levels without distortion and muddiness and you may understand why I am so impressed by them.
i like axiom out of Canada, try them, they have some nice newer models in your price range....... www.AxiomAudio.com