What good FM stations-jazz/alternative in Detroit

I know about WDET (101.9). Are there any other good FM stations in Detroit/Ann Arbor area? Thanks for your interest.
WEMU in Ypsi (89.1) considers itself a jazz & blues station. They play a lot of good stuff. Also WCBN (88.3) has a good morning jazz show and also plays jazz at other times in the day. Unfortunately WCBN has a very small broadcast area - you won't get it outside Ann Arbor.
WEMU at 89.1 in Ypsilanti is predominately Jazz, depends on your location if you can pick up in the Detroit area. CBC radio 89.9 while predominately classical has some interesting music on weekend evenings. Glad you found WDET, that is my favorite!
I can tell you what ISN'T jazz! 98.7 SMOOOOOOTH JAZZ is really Top 40 & R&B
NO - Unfortunately, there is no other station in Detroit for Jazz, or Classical. It's DET or CD. These types of music are not really commercially viable anymore. The other station that claims to play "Smooth Jazz" has just continued to widen it's musical range to attract more listeners, to the point where it plays R&B and Soul and Pop-Jazz and Pop-R&B and Pop-Soul and Soul-Bop, or whatever else you want to label it. It's too homogenized for me. You will never hear Basie or Ellington, or even newer artists like James Carter or Wynton Marsalis, more than once in a blue moon, if ever. I don't mean to slam that staion- it just isn't Jazz.