what good amplifier match with Speaker Dali 4B ?

Dear everyone,

i have a pair of Dali 4B loudspeaker, but don't know what is best amplifier to drive them and don't have experiences about this.

Could anyone please help to suggest me the best amplifier that matching with ?

From what I can find online, your Dalis are an easy speaker to drive. They have a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and a sensitivity of around 90 db. So you could use just about any amp to drive them.

You don't need a powerful or expensive amp. Tubes or solid state would work.

What amp are you using now? How would you like to change the sound? Would you like warmer or brighter sound? Give us some more information about your system and room and we can probably help you more.
Dear Tom,

Thank you, my Dali 4B is 4ohm, about 100W and sensitivity is 91 dB, I am using sansui 607ex, my room is bout 17m2, the sound is not so detail and the bass is not deep, after an period of time using it, I am feeling bored and not satisfy to my taste, now looking more detail sound, more warmer and more deep bass.

Pls advice me what ampli to match my speaker. Thanks
Kvbien, I haven't heard the gear you own. I assume the Sansui is a receiver. I don't think that you will find an amp that will make a big difference in the sound of your system. I could be wrong though.

I suggest that your best chance of putting together a system that you enjoy is to start over.

The speakers make the biggest difference in the sound of your system. I would listen to speakers at stores, audio shows or friend's houses until you hear a pair that you really like. Then get an amplifier that works well with your speakers. Then a cd player or other source that matches up with your amp.

That's the best advice I can give you. Once you get the right speaker it will be easier to get advice on an amp, etc.

it is local japaness intergrated amplifier, now i am thinking to get an european/usa intergrated amplifier to replace such as cambridge or NAD or rotel or arcam,... but don't know is that good matching to dali speaker and my taste ? if yes, which brand is better ?

All of the amps that you listed are good quality amps and they all should be able to drive the Dali speakers easily. Just make sure the amp is at least 50 wpc into 8 ohms and doubles power to at least 100 wpc into 4 ohms.

I don't know if any of them will change the sound of your system to what you want. The only way to know is to try the amp in your system. I wish I could help you more but that's the best I can do.

Good Luck!
Thank, i will follow your advice, try to hear more at my friend' house and borrow my friend' ampli to try the speaker and make the dicision to buy later. Thanks again.