What goes beneath your Nottingham?

Well, I'm currently using the Jade Isoduos which I thought were ok for its function. I've also tried placing the Spacedeck on the Symposium Svelte using 3 big couplers but the sound became lifeless and lost all the dynamics and air.

I'll like to know what else can be used underneath the Notts.

When I had my Dais up in use, I had good luck with Redpoint Black Holes footers. Space arm and 90X. I needed about 7-8 of them tho. Rack was Billy Bags with cracked glass shelves.

Good life and coherence, but quite an improvement in bass. Quantity and quality.

I discarded and stored the base that was furnished with my Spacedeck after some test trials with and without it. My table now sits on a 3" thick butcher block shelf that I had made. Dynamics are improved and a the background is a little quieter as well.
Some people seemed to report good results with Neuance platforms instead of the standard base that came with the Spacedeck.
When I had a Spacedeck I replaced the stock base with a Mapleshade 4" thick maple block. Huge improvement. Never did get around to messing with the orig. rubber feet, but that also should improve things.
I have my Spacedeck on a heavy welded steel rack, so I first used isolation in the form of Vibrapods and Vibrapod Cones.. This worked well with the stock Spacedeck and base.


Later on I found a thread on Audiogon which spoke about placing one raquetball into a vibrapod base for a suspension system identical to the Gingko clouds.

I tried 4 black Ektelon raquetballs on Vibrapod bases, each holding 10 lbs of the 40 lb Spacedeck.
This worked perfectly for me.. it gave an immediate increase in transparency with deep and tight bass, and a drop in the noise floor. (and it even looks good with the all black Spacedeck) It sounds so good that my search has ended for upgrades to my analog source.
Thanks Again Audiogon!
May I suggest a Lenco? Sell the Not.
All the $, weight, platforms, springs, balls and tweaks will not help to bring the
magic of music from the grooves. It will get you close, but...
I see the Nottingham, like W.C. Fields see's women- "nice to look at, but I
wouldn't want to have one". They are cool looking and seeing them in a
movie really raised their appeal.
But, many folks "had" the Nottingham. Not sure if it was replaced
or merely got out of vinyl all together (frustration).
Simple is better. Better for the money spent and definitely for the results.
IMO, the Lenco is far superior and you will never look back.
Lest I forget:
Remember, friends don't let friends use belt drives.
A sustom Neuance self sits under my Hyperspace. Looks and sounds great!
for Joe55AG...Gingko balls are not tennis balls. They are solid - not air filled, and are of a different size. The results are different- better- than tennis balls
My Spacedeck sits on a 4" cherry butcher block and that is atop 5 squash balls in woodblocks with "cups" cut out to hold them in place. All this in on top of an Atlantic equipment rack with it's own anti-resonant mods added.
I ditched the faux marble platform in lieu of a Greater Ranges Neuance platform. This sits on a maple platform with DH Cones in between. Then comes the springs from a Machina Dynamica device which sits on another maple platform and the whole thing is connected to the wall with brackets.

Works nicely.


You have owned a Spacedeck, I assume?

Lenco is available off the shelf where?

Sorry, I digress, I am fine using the Nott. footers without the Nott. platform.
Shake yur booty-
No, see W.C. quote. But I know 2 folks who did (replaced by the Lenco).
On the Lenco thread, someone posted the question: what did you replace when you got a Lenco? I don't know if it was posted on the "baby thread", or the old monster thread which was mysteriously deleted by Audiogon. Lots of expensive belt drives bit the big one.

Say what?

You didn't answer the original question. Have you owned a Nott or heard one in your system? If not, your comments don't hold water. You can love your Lenco all you like, but it sounds like you have only a passing acquaintance with Nott products.

I guess I ought to clearly state- I have never owned a Nottingham. I've listened to enough of them to know "...I wouldn't wanna have one". I would not say "only a passing acquaintance". I have played many LPs on 2 Spacedecks. Both use the same amps, more expensive speakers, cables, cartridge, etc.
In many ways, I feel the source is most important. Without a very good source, the best speakers, amps, room, cables will only color the poor quality from where it all begins.
Please don't get your belt all bunched up, just not my taste.
They are pretty good and nice to look at.
I hope you like yours.

Back to the original post- why spend $1k, $2k, or even $3k on a "good" turntable and find it necessary to add a platform, then balls , then another platform, then a better rack, on and on?
Is it just the thrill of spending money?
Now back to the topic - I'm keen to get the Neuance shelf. Does it mean the Nott marble platform will sit on top of this platform or it is a replacement of the Nott platform?

It replaces the Nott platform. But good luck finding one. It's my understanding that Ken Lyons is no longer making them. And you need to have a VERY fast trigger finger when one shows up on Agon.