What glue for dust cap repair?

Hi, I traced a buzzing sound in one of my paradigm studio v1 speakers to a loose dust cap. Would like to repair it myself. What glue should I use? Thank you
You might try checking with Madisound, they specialize in DIY speaker building. They may sell glue that is formulated for affixing the woofer cone to the basket, I would think that would be best for your application.

Good luck, Dan


That’s what most builders I know use, pva so it’s safe and it’s slightly flexible.

Oh, and it's thick white to start with and dries clear.

Cheers George


Thank you very much guys
PIL comes in a caulk tube at Home Depot, that recommendation came from John Meyer at Newform Research, I repaired a scan-speak driver with it over 10 years ago end of story.
Aleens tacky glue is also a  pva glue  and dries clear and slightly flexible. Available at any local Walmart . Looks and handles just like the white glue you get with some refoam kits.
Looks and handles just like the white glue you get with some refoam kits.

It is the same without the high "audio" price tag. Along with many others. They have to be water soluble so they don't eat/melt the foam surrounds 


Cheers George