What gear do Audio manufacturers use at home?

I'm very curious to know what kind of gear do Audio designers use as their personal system.

As an example, does anyone know what Mr Richard Vandersteen, Steve McCormack, Yves Bernard Andre, etc use as their personal system. Builders like Tyler accoustics, JM Labs, Martin Logan don't make CDP or Amps. The same applies for Cardas, Lieder, Siltech, etc... The owners or designers must be using some other brands.

Excellent question, I've wondered that myself? I think many times we would be surprised to see some of them use avarage equipment as opposed to exotic equipment.
I know that the owner of Teres TT's uses a Graham tonearm on his personal table. Before that he had a Triplanar.
The following is hearsay from manufacturers or their pals...
Y B Andre PURPORTEDLY uses a 1-six pre (with premium parts) & passion monos --- just to make sure matching b/ween the two lines is good enough. Supposedly he has used S-Faber, ribbon (which?), A-Physic & JM lab speakers... Cdp is his own big model.
R Gemein (Symphonic-Line) supposedly uses his own TT/ S-Line spec V. den Hull cartridge, his own ref cdp, Kraft 250A mono, on his own next to top of range speakers.
Ioacheim (sp?) of A-Physics once used (again, supposedly) Medea speakers with S-Line Kraft 400, modified S-Line pre/CAT pre, don't remember sources mentioned (if they were!)
CAT uses his own amplification (of course) and supposedly S.Yorke Zarathustra/VPI TTs, and Kraft 250A amps for ss. Speakers not mentioned.
For what rumour & gossip is worth... Cheers!
Gilbert Yeung of Blue Circle uses his own gear powering a pair of Martin Logan CLS IIz. Here is a picture of it:
Ok, this comes from David Wilson at a dealer party in Dallas a few months ago. In one room he was using Audio Research Ref pre and amps. Another room Mcintosh. Another room Nagra pre and amp. He has 8 rooms in his house with systems. He was also very high on Transparent Cables.

David also mentioned that his nat'l sales mgr is using VTL for very good sound...
I'm pretty sure that Dr Amar G. Bose is running a wave radio with an external feed to a pair of 901's. He recently stated that this is the most life-like system that he has ever heard : ) Sean
Go to this link for the equipment Gayle Sanders at Martin Logan uses.

I have heard Steve McCormack is using Acoustic Zen cables. Word is that a number of fellows at Audio Research, Art Audio, and Soliloquy are using Acoustic Zen as well.

Pat McGinty of Meadowlark uses DH Labs cables at home and at trade shows, plus internally on many of their speakers; as does Tyler Lashbrook of Tyler Acoustics & Mike Dzurko of Audio Concepts (all speaker manufacturers). Other users of DH Labs include Mike Sander at Quicksilver Audio (Tube amps/preamps, Naum Dorkhman at Audes, Allan Chang at Golden Sound (DH Comes), Wilson Shen at Clayton Audio (amps).

Studio engineers often don't have much of a home system--after listening critically all day long, they are usually a bit burned-out on listening when they get home. Their studio systems are their main listening systems. Some top name studios you will likely find did work on many of your recordings include The Hip Factory in NY, 3D Audio in Nashville, Definative Recordings in Detroit, Sterling Sound in NY, Chicago Audio Works, Arf Digital Mastering. All of these are using DH Labs interconnect and digital cables, particularly in mastering.

Jeff Delman
Value Audio
When I met Richard Vandersteen a few months back, he indicated that he used his own speakers(whatever he had on hand---spares) and Quick Silver tube amps. He had no comment after that! He certainly wouldn't comment on speaker wire or interconnects. I actually think he comes from the zip cord generation and they are not that critical.
I can't believe McCormack doesn't use Van De Hul wire. He use to put that(short pieces) in his DNA Deluxe amps.
I promised these guys that I wouldn't reveal their names, but there are a few big boys out there who still love Lafayette Electronics matched with Criterion bookshelf speakers. That was my first stereo too. Coincidence or what?