What frustrates you the most about seller’s for sale ads?

Audiogon has been in existence for over 20 years now, and if you are like myself, you probably have read thousands of for sale ads. When I read most of these ads, I always feel like the seller is leaving out vital information about the actual product (unit they own) they’re trying to sell. Some sellers are spot on when they sell something. They describe the unit in full detail, but most don’t. To me that’s a red flag and frustrating. For myself, the most frustrating thing is most ads leave out equipment age. If I’m buying something used this is vital info I want to know. If a seller doesn’t know the age of the unit don’t rate it 9/10 and later telI me I don’t know the actual age. One retailer, I will not mention names, always gives you 3-4 paragraphs of how great of business they are, and leaves one sentence at the end to describe the actual product being sold. LOL

scalar9 said:
"Then there is the kind of would-be buyer who disingenuously posts questions” taking issue with the stated condition of the equipment, and/or insinuating it is overpriced due to the  lack of original packaging or some other marginal detail. I doubt Audiogon much appreciates such self-appointed equipment police, who inhibit site commerce just so they can take potshots at others’ expense. Instead of dissing the merch — and the seller — move on to the next ad and leave it at that."

I personally don't comment on the price of for sale goods; value of an item is to be decided by the buyer. However, I DO take issue with  ads that do not honestly state the condition of the equipment and give it an appropriate numerical grade. When I see it, I point it out to the seller, and will continue to do so. If sellers won't "police" themselves, then other members like myself will have to police them.
And by the way, I have never had a complaint from the moderators for doing so.
Speaker ads with one or more driver dust caps or tweeters poked in by a toddler..."does not effect sound".

"Rare". Rarity does not equal quality, and it means the piece will be difficult to find parts or repair for.

Sales pitches presented as an opportunity for the buyer, when the seller is the one looking to unload this stuff.

...”almost Everything”...almost Everything is Wrong...which sometimes leads to good comedy on this site. 
But there are truly some very good Audiophiles selling at very reasonable levels, and that alone keeps me returning to search for the “right” gear. Can I hear an “Amen”
Mine is a basic one:

It bugs me when sellers don’t say why they’re selling an item. I always want to know and sometimes lose out on an item whilst waiting for a reply.

Are you “upgrading”? That’s useful to know because maybe the item isn’t as top of the line as I think. Does an amp not work with your speakers? Maybe I have the same ones. Etc, etc.

They don’t have to write their life story, but it’s nice to know the motive behind the sale.