What frustrates you the most about seller’s for sale ads?

Audiogon has been in existence for over 20 years now, and if you are like myself, you probably have read thousands of for sale ads. When I read most of these ads, I always feel like the seller is leaving out vital information about the actual product (unit they own) they’re trying to sell. Some sellers are spot on when they sell something. They describe the unit in full detail, but most don’t. To me that’s a red flag and frustrating. For myself, the most frustrating thing is most ads leave out equipment age. If I’m buying something used this is vital info I want to know. If a seller doesn’t know the age of the unit don’t rate it 9/10 and later telI me I don’t know the actual age. One retailer, I will not mention names, always gives you 3-4 paragraphs of how great of business they are, and leaves one sentence at the end to describe the actual product being sold. LOL

@jjss49 yeah, I’ve pretty much gone to USAM for both buying and selling these days. Still some on A-gon but mostly USAM.
I think they do that cause the final sales price is usually not asking price so it covers them and takes that expense completely out of the equation. 
Please don’t say “you are covered with PayPal”
because it is not automatic!
it is a long story but I just lost $1300 to a scammer and ended up with NOTHING!
I hate PP!!
The single biggest complaint I have is sellers listing “used” gear as “mint “ condition. Happens over and over and not just here but anywhere where people buy & sell. Don’t know about you guys, but mint condition where I come from means as new. New, not used. Untouched except for examination, not used for 6 mos. As new, not with scratches and dings! I’ve seen sellers list items as mint or near mint and tell you what repairs are needed! Don’t piss down my leg and tell me it’s raining lol!
If you pay with a Credit Card using Paypal and there is a problem...contact your Credit Card company NOT Paypal.  Your CC company overrides anything Paypal can do.  On NUMEROUS occasions I have had problems and I have always won the case going thru CC. Sometimes you can even keep the item AND get your money back on top of it.