What Front end for my System , Advice Please

Nova Utopia BE
Tact RCS 2.0
Parsound Halo JC-1'S
Pass X0.2 Preamp
Power Cords from Elrod
IC and Spkr from Acoustic Zen
Sistrum Rack

Listen to mainly rock, electronica, pop, some lighter female vocals.

Budget $15,000 would like something with Balanced out and hopefully silver in color.

Any suggestions?

Well Jeff I know it's not XLR OUT, but you could audition MF's new Tri-vista SACDP? I had a chance to listen to one 3 weeks ago, & although not impressed with their 324 upsampling dac a year ago, this player is FAB!!! Price Brand Spankin New @ under $6500, & it's SILVER TOO! Will make you feel like your listening to a $15000.00 front end. So Jeff, you could just donate the $8500.00 you saved to the "AUDIOBUGGED Component For Less Suggestion Fund"??? Or maybe Not??? Good Luck, with your Search.
Nice well thought out system Magoo. (Although I'm not sure about the Tact room correction unit.)

Perhaps you might consider a Sony SCD-1 cdp with a Richard Kern mod. It's silver with XLR outs and 2 pair of RCA outs, and it plays SACD as well. It's a good looking top-loader and is also built like a tank at 56 lbs..

I've not heard the Kern mod'ed version but others say it's quite nice. And you'll save yourself about $10k.

I have been very pleased with redbook and SACD performance of the SCD-1 in it's stock form.

Of course, if you're bent on parting with $15k, there's always the new Ed Meitner DAC and transport (I believe).