What footer best under cd player

Consensus seems to be to put some isolation to replace cdp stock feet.

I have a playback design cd player which has three feet that do not appear removable

Anyone recommend stable cones or some other footer to use on wood platform of top of salamander rack (surface maple wood)

There is no method that qualifies as best for everyone.

Try a few options and decide for yourself.

(Hint: cones are not isolation devices, they are coupling devices)
Yes right decoupling.....well apex footers are pricey and time and error is expensive so would prefer not to employ trial and error
well apex footers are pricey and time and error is
expensive so would prefer not to employ trial and error
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Were it so easy.

Everyone's system and preferences differ.

There's no shortcut to listening for yourself. The best method is to select two
or three recommendations and buy a used example of each. Listen, compare
and choose the one that you prefer.

Otherwise, gather all the helpful replies to follow. make a pie chart with the
suggestions, and toss a dart.

My suggestions for decoupling are a Neuance platform or sorbothane footers.
For coupling, I suggest a Sistrum platform or Audiopoints brass cones. These
are not intended to be definitive, but I have found each makes a difference.

(I own a Salamander Synergy rack and use Neuance shelves in place of, or in
addition to the stock shelves. I use sorbothane between the shelves and the
metal support pins).
-Foculpods-. Better than sorbathane. Got em under my cdp and dvd player
I agree with Tvad about Star Sound products. I liked them so much I became a dealer for them. But since I do not sell on line there is a modicum of objectivity in my advice. They have a very pronounced effect and it is possible to over damp your system if you use too many. But a set under one unit would be a good place to start. Remember, as the others have said there are many products out there that work in different ways and only you can decide which you like. But as you say you cannot try everything. Try checking products you are interested in in the discussion forums.
A number of different roller block products out there.
I have had good luck with FIM 305
I do agree that all would sound different in different systems. I had Finite Elements Cera Pucs under my Esoteric X-03 SE, which were better than the stock feet (better bass-tighter, better focus). I changed them to the Walker Audio Valid Points (Super Tuning Kit) and, I think, they give the player a tad more resolution, wider, deeper soundstage - very slight, but I think it is noticable. All sit on a Billy Bags Pro Double Wide rack.
I have a MPS-5 also and on a whim I ordered a set of Marigo Audio Mystery feet. I did it because they are close by and offered a money back guarantee, so I thought I would be out 10 bucks to send them back when I didn't hear any difference. I was wrong! Those feet aren't going anywhere! They cost over $600 and are worth it. Please order a set and try them yourself. I have the TR's and use a Adona stand.
The stock MPS-5 feet can be unscrewed, they are just screwed in, no nuts, no problems. I removed the stock feet and put the Mystery Feet in their place.
Remember, a money back guarantee, so what have you got to lose, 10 bucks?
I like the Brightstar products. On the cheap, their Isonodes are quite effective in my system and, if you want to spend some money, their sand fillable platforms are nice. With a CDP I like the Isonodes underneath, with some weight on top. The Herbie's footers are also good. I've never been able to get my head around how rigid "coupling" devices, such as brass or ceramic cones, can reduce vibration in a device as effectively as a softer "isolating" material placed between the the device and its platform, but I'm sure someone will explain it to me.
Just to give you more decoupling options, Hyperion Magnetic floaters (two opposing magnets so no direct contact between surfaces) work very well for me and they are about $70 for a set of four. With heavy bass playing I can feel vibration with my finger tips on top of various pieces of equipment resting on suspended oak shelves including some with the rubber/cork/rubber decouplers. With the Hyperion's there is no vibration felt by the fingers and the sound is improved in many dimensions.
I have found soft shoe type solutions on Digital sources, DACs, and Transports or all in one players have benefited along with putting a sand bag on top of the transport unit, basically absorbing all airborne and mechanical vibrations from the unit...

However using Spikes not as good of luck, normally made the soundstage fall a bit flatter and harder. Bass sometimes seemed to become more anemic etc...

But Spikes on turntables is exactly the opposite! Solid spike footing in this case is far superior on some heavy maple blocks over soft shoes.
I like Herbies footers

I recently discovered Aktyna A.R.I.S feet, that I tried under the Ancient Audio Lektor V I have been auditioning - and left them there without thinking twice (exit more expensive contenders Stillpoints and Harmonix BeauTones). In fact they were to some point decisive in wanting to keep the Lektor. In this combination they stood on a Lovan Classic platform, so that is MDF and not entirely comparable to your wooden surface. If you have an opportunity, I can only recommend to give it a try. Pricewise (in Europe) they come for EUR 200-250 for a set of 3.
As others have mentioned, there is no "best" and no real way to determine what works best for you except experimentation. It is NOT the case that the more isolation/absorption of vibration the better the sonic result. A bunch of friends tried different footers and exotic shelves under an Aero Capitole CDP once. The "better" the isolation (going from lower grade of Symposium shelf to higher grade) the more harmonically bleached and lean sounding the player became.

On my own player (Naim CD555), there is relatively small changes wrought by changing support.

You just have to try and see what are the results.
I recently had a nice discussion with Sam at Vibrapods, and I asked what he would recommend for my Rotel RCD-1072 player. He suggested that I keep things simple, and put four of his Type 2 Vibrapods under the existing feet of my Rotel. So.....I bought them, and set them up under the deck last night. A simple audition with acoustic live Neil Young (Massey Hall) and Jackson Browne (Vol. 1) allowed me to hear a noticeable difference. The singers seemed more "in my room" than without the Vibrapods. I'll need more time with a lot more music to see if I like this difference "any better". I'll keep you all posted.
Try Herbie's Audio Lab Isocup with Lampblack Ball and decoupling base upgrade. Using 3 of these under the CDP, I immediately noticed a deep and wider soundstage, bigger 3D images, increased dynamics, smoother and more liquid midrange, focus and transparency improved. Cleaned up parts I didn’t know that could be improved. This inexpensive tweak was well worth its price.
a wise gentlemen, mike vans evers,suggested that since all components have resonance points, it is sensible to consider tuning your system, so that the resulting resonances are pleasing.

thus, coupling or decoupling is not an issue for me.

i prefer soft objects, since hard objects, in my experience,"harden" the sound, and soft objects soften the sound.

there is no perfect solution and one who prefers a highly focused sound would probably prefer hard objects.

wood is interesting. using cocobolo, ebony, maple, or other woods, produce unique results. i have visited a lumber yard and purchased wood blocks comprised of different wood types. it won't cost too much and you might achieve the voicing you desire.
I would keep stock feet and put an isolation platform ginko clound 11 works really well.
Well, for once we have complete agreement.
Something with a ball that allows movement in all directions. Like Herbies ball and cup.
Something with a ball that allows movement in all directions. Like Herbies ball and cup.
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Are you referring to Herbie's Iso-Cup?

If so, it seems to me the ball sits stationary in the polyurethane cup, so how does this allow movement in all directions?

What you describe sounds more like a Rollerball or Aurios device.
I went with the vibrapods since I owned a pair already and there might be a slight improvement....my cd player has a floating chasis so perhaps improvements are limited...my system's weak link is the speaker cable so will devote effort $ there to upgrade from au24 speaker cable that are nice all around but not the last word in soundstage and fullness and body and will try the evolution acoustic cable that is made by the company that makes my speaker cable
I know an old thread - I just slid a silent running audio platform under my esoteric K03 and cannot believe what I hear. I had black backrounds before with nice resolution and deep sound stage but it really made things blacker, quieter, deeper. Pretty incredible.
Just curious - Is Eden Sound out of business? They made nice footers.
It will depend on the system and cd player. I have had good luck with roller block type footers. Stillpoints could be good as well. It really depends on what is needed most in your system. I've found that footers mostly effect the hardness or softness of the sound. If the sound is too soft then choose a harder footer. If the sound is too hard then a softer footer will be more beneficial. You will need to experiment.