What fits well with Magnepans?

I just bought a set of 1.6QR's and was thinking about a
Bat V3i preamp
Mccormack DNA 125 or Pass Labs 150 amp
Ayer or Bryston cd player

Are these good choices, or is there something that blows these away and what do you use?
I have 1.6 QR's driven by McCormack DNA-1 deluxe monoblocks. Prior to the monoblocks, I used a DNA 0.5. Based on my experience, I think you will do well to head the conventional wisdom on Maggies. More power will take them to a whole different level. There have been numerous posts on amplification for Maggies. The current generation of Pass (250 or 350), McCormack (DNA 500), Spectron, Bryston, and Cary (500 MBs) amps all appear to have a following. Great speakers! You will enjoy them.
Find a used Innersound ESL amp. It's a great match for your speakers, look up some of the reviews. I used one with both 1.6qrs and 3.6R's and it's a rocking amp.

Also, not easy to find but the Parasound 3500 (or a 2200) is a great powerful amp for Maggies.

Blow off the CD/DVD player and buy a good usb DAC to decode from a Duet/AppleTV or just your computer, you won't be sorry.
Oh yeah I forgot to add, I have not heard them, but I understand the Wyred4Sound and ICE H2O amps are both great matches as well.
I use a PS Audio GCC250 to great effect. Effortless power and huge dynamics.
My Maggies are the 1.6s....and formerly a pair of MG-1s which I had for over 20 years.....I am not an equipment changing guy.
Bryston is supposed to be good.
I tried a Krell 400xi integrated and it ran WARM after about 30 or 40 minutes. Sounded only OK.
had mg12s before with mccormack dna 0.5 rev A. Nope, didnt quiet cut.
if you can tubes, suggest you look at audio research vs110.
For s/s one of the best combo is the Bel Canto Ref 1000 monoblocks.
Maggie loves power. The more the merrier.
I just noticed a Parasound Halo 21 for sale here on Audiogon. I used one of those when I had the 1.6qrs and it was a FANTASTIC amp. This one's for sale for much less than I bougtht and sold mine, so it could be a great deal. Very "tube" like warm sound with the Maggies.

good luck, let us know what you get.
Agreed with the person that said the more power the better. Most long term Maggie owners adhere to this- and interestingly many go from high power, to lower power and than back to even higher power.

Also- a little ot, but I would think twice about dropping big money into a single box cd player. Get a transport/dac combo that you can use into the future. I really see the end of the cd coming soon especially considering how well computers/apple tvs and squeezebox like devixes play the role of the transport.