what file format for ripping & buying online if Apple & Windows OS are used?

Hey everybody!

I use an iMac 5K retina for its accessibility features for routine day to day affairs. its seamless connection to other IOS I own is a real plus given their similar feature sets.

as well, a Windows 7 box has some business oriented apps that are far superior to apple's so I MUST regularly fire it up too.

using the 'belt and suspenders approach' to overcome a catastrophic failure with either confuser, and Apple's unjustified refusal to support FLAC files I'm wondering at this point which file format I should land on when ripping or buying files online?

I have for this argument about half of my library ripped as FLAC, and half done in ALAC, so about 15K in each typ, with another 13K miscellaneous.

all HD files from the web are in fLAC.

i'm just getting into subscription streaming providers and have only Apple Music and Spodofy.

I am sure I'll give others a shot soon.

I'll be using the latest dbpower amp app on the iMac to do the ripping going forward. .

all rips will be to lossless formats and I can only see FLAC or Aif as the possible contenders with WAV, and ALAC as outside possibilities.

90% of playback to whatever audio system willl be from the iMac via Audirvana and its IOS remote app as it supports ALL formats.

Roon will be investigated eventually but it seems a doubtful scenario as there will not be more than perhaps two end points.

if the windows box is used for the same affair, FUBAR will be the go to app, supporting one system only.

what would you use, and why?

thanks very much for your feedback.

If your playback software can play flac and it sounds like it can and I would just rip to flac or if storage isn't an issue to wav. Also since you have dbPoweramp you have the batch converter and can use that to convert files to whatever format you want.

thank you

My reluctance to keep using FLAC revolves around its cross platform compatibility. AIF is accepted by everything, FLAC is not.

as for wAV I've not found it any larger a file to contend with than FL or aF 

I guess  one worry is with buying HD files online and wether or not someone will not offer a particular file format as a choice  for purchase.

this may be a needless worry. dunno.

also keeping meta data in tact is important.. I've lost ID and image tags using wAV before.

lastly  I like the idea of putting together playlists without regard to file types and at time still use iTunes to  aggregate them, and play them.

maybe the simplest question here then should be:

is AIF as universally accepted file type for files exceeding  24/192/ as is FLAC?
Apple now supports FLAC


I thought I read about that somewhere.... but just tried to play one in iTunes and it did not play.

what am I missing?
Haven't done it in a while, but I posted a thread about it either  here or n the digital section, I think I called it FLAC on a MAC...sorry I'm at work now and should be getting back to it but see if you can find it....

many thanks. bigger fish to fry just  now. I will look around for that thread asap.