What Ever Happened To The Krell SACD Standard?

This was a highly regarded SACD/CD player that was only in regular production for just about a year. Has anyone heard of a replacement? Krell is currently (since April) making only DVD/CD players. I think it's very strange for this company not to have a dedicated audio-only player in their KAV and/or Class A series. Very un-Krell like...
I was told by Patrick in service Krell is working on a universal player for CD/SACD/DVD-A. They also had trouble getting the transport mechanism from Philips for the SACD.
They had to stop making it after Philips discontinued the transport.
I think that is too bad that they may have decided on a Universal design. When I spoke to them, they indicated no DVD-A. Maybe they still will just go with cd/sacd. Certainly would interest me as I'm not into video in the same box as audio.
Reb1208, don't confuse DVD-A, with DVD-V. Two different formats.
Yes, what I meant is not having any video circuitry inside the box. You need that to be able to select from the tv menu to play most DVD-A discs. Just makes the design more complicated than need be. There are not too many DVD-A titles around. And the format appears to be on "the way out" anyway. CD/SACD players tend to due a better job on cd than the Universal designs.
Unfortunately, you can't get DVD-A without getting DVD-V since this (DVD) is an Audio/Video Format, unlike SACD & CD which are Audio Formats. All universal (A/V) players start- out in development as DVD players, which doesn't go over well in the Audiophile community. Though it is well known that the Krell DVD Standard as well as the Linn Unidisc 1.1 are excellent CD players.
Hifimaniac - I don't think Reb is confused. DVD-A pretty much requires video to be useable. It is a video-oriented audio format.
I play DVD-A without ever turning the tv on using meridian 800 with 861 sound is very good.
It is still in production as per a conversation with one of their people today. I stopped in to get mine back today after having the transport replaced after a reading problem. They have an update for the defective transports. I am glad to have mine home again.
DVDA when used for audio DOES NOT require a video display, although it's nice to have one. However any little elcheapo TV is OK. I got one (13 inch) for sixty some dollars. It's just another item in the audio rack.