What ever happened to John Klemmer?

His new music stopped in the early 1980's...How come no new music?..Did he die, get injured?...I would like to know what happened if anyone knows...Thanks!
Check this link - it may contain the information you seek:

Good question! I still play the Mo-fi recording "Touch" occasionally as a refreshing diversion from the mainstream junk.
He is in the Musical Hall of Fame with Kenny G for best music to accompany root canals.
Personally I think John Klemmer is a little bit better (not necessarily more technically competant) than Kenny G. I enjoy Touch and esp. "Straight to the Heart" Direct to Disk 1979 on Nautilus. I don't recall players like Joe Sample and Oscar Castro-Neves showing up for Kenny G sessions.
...Wondered about that too. In the mid 70's i got a copy of Eruptions and it blew my head off at a time when i was on a steady diet of early John Mcluaghlin, Sonny Sharrock, Larry Coryell, Association P.C. and King Crimson (Larks Tongues). Eruptions is a scorcher!!!(zero Kenny G factor here). Blowin' Gold, Constant Throb and Intensity smoke pretty good too. He started to go soft and syrupy w/ Magic and Movement and really went for the processed cheese w/ Touch and some later records. I remember he took alot of heat from hardcore jazzers for awhile, then in 79' he put out Nexus w/ Bob Magnusson (i think some Coltrane compositions show up on that one) after that he went right back to making the saccharine stuff. I think he's still at it, i know he has a website.

Good summary. Also good for eating processed cheese.

"Touch" was indeed what I was thinking of as I think it was standard MFSL audio shop stuff circa 1980.

So apologies if that was only a low point in his career and he is otherwise a timeless genius.