What ever happened to Direct-to-Discs?

Having recently purchased a new amplifier, I was auditioning it with a variety of vinyl, cd's and tape (yeah, a few of us still have reel-to-reels). While I was playing some Crystal Clear Records and Sheffield Labs direct-to-discs, I started thinking; is there anyone out there still making these things? Any information or leads would be greatly appreciated.
See this month's issue of Stereophile, Michael Fremer went to a Direct to Disc session.
Analog productions were scheduled to make 4 D2Ds, but it turns out they only made 2. It's very difficult--if anything in the process goes wrong--well your done for. The two that did not make it to D2D are supposed to be released as 45RPMs. On that note if you are looking for top quality vinyl the Classic Records 45RPMs and Analog Productions are some of the best out there.
Go to http://www.sheffieldlab.com/
there have also been a few direct to cd recordings done, the best i've heard being "dick hyman plays fats waller" on rr. BTW, there are a number of sheffield reissues of dtd lp's; don't be fooled, these do not stand up to the original pressings. -kelly
Audiophiles began buying CDs, despite Doug Sax's "Stop Digital Madness" campaign.
Anyone who is really really serious and really really know about the audio hobby will eventually go back to LPs.
CD's sound fine and they're great for the wife that doesn't want to fool with a turntable. However, if you want the best, direct-to-discs are still the way to go. Just look at how many of the companies @ the CES audition their equipment with vinyl.
It's funny, I'm just finally getting into vinyl at the age of 29. I haven't bought a turntable yet but it will probably be my next major purchase. I'm already trying to get my hands on copies of stuff that my dad owns and other goodies. I already have a couple copies each of Lincoln Mayorga - Missing Link 2 and 3, and Thelma Houston's - I've Got The Music In Me. I just received in the mail 2 days ago a copy of San Francisco Ltd on Crystal Clear, and on the way is a copy of Sugar Loaf Express with Lee Ritenour(JVC) and the original Missing Link by Lincoln Mayorga which I have never before heard. I can't wait to hear them! What gets me is that even though these are all "old" recordings they are still my favorites. I have all the above on cd except for the San Fran Ltd and the first Missing Link, and not a single week goes by that I don't listen to at least one of them. The first cd's I grab to audition anything are Missing Link Vol. 2, Thelma, and Sugar Loaf Express. Yes, there are better recordings available but they are still my favorites and probably always will be. Nothing can compare to direct to disc, ever.
Yeah, Grumpybb. Try doing an A-B test with the d2d of Sugar Loaf Express and the cd. 'Nuff said.
When Reference Recordings issued the Dick Hyman direct-to-CD, there was a blurb in Wired mocking them for not understanding their own technology. As I recall, what Reference tried to do made a lot of sense. But Wired, who of course understand the digital workld better than anyone else and know that bits is bits, didn't bother to look any further. It really pissed me off.