What equipment uses 5687 tubes?

What equipment uses 5687 tubes? The very popular Modwright 9.0 SE preamp uses them, I know. Who else? What components?
Some of the Audio Note manufactured and kit pre-amps and DAC's use the 5687 tube. I have an Audio Note Kit L3 pre-amp that uses a pair of 5687 tubes.

I have an Audio Note 4.1X Balanced DAC that's running the 5687 valve.

The YS Audio A2 linestage uses 5687s. I haven't found anything better than the Tung-Sol D-getters here, although they are a bit tipped up...but other 5687 types I've tried in the A2-SE make my system sound like a giant AM radio.
The Consonance Cyber 800SEs use one 5687 tube per monoblock (along w/4 EL34s and two 6922s in each). Am using NOS GEs in mine.
They can be used in the Aikido line stage/headphone amp.


Very nice sounding line-stage.
Audio Research M100 monoblocks as a drop-in replacement for the original 7119's.
The Emotive Audio Sira linestage uses a single 5687 for the gain (plus a lot of other tubes for voltage regulation and current sources), and the Emotive Vita amps use a pair of 5687s for input and driver stages.
Marsh P2000T preamp uses a pair of 5687.
Ray Samuels B52 uses them.
The MANLEY LABS Jumbo Shrimp linestage pre-amp uses a set of 5687's. among others.

Matt M