What Equipment Remains In Your System Long Term?

Reading through the various discussion forums, I see that Audiogoners value the constituent pieces that make up their systems differently. For example, some may be fond of a powerful set of monoblock amps that up the cornerstone of their system for many years. They will go through many combinations of associated equipment while never contemplating changing their beloved amps. Others take the same approach with a favorite set of speakers. I usually build my system around my current speakers, though in recent years I have acquired a set of BEL 1001 amps that I feel will be around for a long time. What criteria do you use to decide what equipment remains a long term resident in your system?

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I generally keep all of my equipment for a minimum of 5 years.
Same turntable and arm for nineteen years.
My turntable/arm and preamp have been with me since the mid 80's. My Speakers and amps from the mid 90's. If I change anything in the future (voluntarily) I might get a new TT, I'm thinking Nottingham, and I might listen to some new amps although a purchase is unlikely.
Carver TX-2 tuner and Sony C77ES CD changer. Both in the system for 15 years.
I'm still using a Kenwood KA-7100 int. amp which I bought new in the 70's. Still sounds good and works as new. (Now that I've praised it, it'll probably self-destruct on the next listenning section! It's really are piece of junk...)
I have no idea what the future holds with my stereo, but I am quite fond of my Jeff Rowland Concentra II integrated amp.
Luxman T14 FM tuner. Really beautiful slim design, ergonomic controls and indicators, with top notch performance.
My Phillips CD-80 I still use as a transport. I still own a DUAL CS-5000 TT till I can find a good deal on one. My old reliable B&K ST-202 just broke. WIll be replacing it. Wish I had sold it now.
To this day, all of my equipment decisions have been based around an early 80's melco turntable,sumiko THE ARM, and Koestsu rosewood with either the ARC sp-10 or mfa luminesence preamp as my reference.Kept my otl servo amps from the original acoustat X [1978]now extensively modded to drive the 2+2 panels which are still in use.
My three B&K ST-140's,they act as a six ch. multi amp.Ten years now.Just tossed a JVC s-vhs deck that cost me 900.00 twenty years ago.Good bye forever.
My trusty JVC 1050 zn CD player highly praised by the Absolute Sound in 1990 and rightly so. Used as a transport. There may be much better, I'm sure, but with my Bel Canto DAC 1.1 I am satisfied enough until I can get over the fact that I am going to have to dig deep to best this combo by a substantial enough margin to bite the bullet.
My Linn is from 1980. I suppose it is a little like the farmer with his 23 year old hoe. He changed the handle 8 times and the blade 5 times. I changed the arm twice and added all the other tricks. But my new cartrige every four years really keeps the thrills coming. Then there is my coal fired amp...
My Musical Fidelity headphone amp & Sennheiser headphones.This combination has shown up my speaker system a long way along, though I think it has gotten a lot closer in the past year to something like equal sonics.
My Infinity RS 1-B's. I have had them for 20 years and they still sound quite good.
I recently added an Acoustic Research 202 to my system.
Purists will hate it because it interferes with the EQ'ing similar to a loudness button, but I have found (as have several reviews, including Stereophile's) that it is a welcome bonus to any system adding a more 3d/holographic sound to everything.
I now have one running in my car as well.