What equipment have you bought this year so far ?

I have bought three pieces: Grado RS1 Classic headphones, Burson Audio Soloist headamp/preamp and Purist Audio Aquila power cord. All used. Oh yes, I also have got two sealed Maxell Metal Vertex clank cassette tapes.
No equipment, just tweaks, good reasonably priced and sensible tweaks.
New equipment this year? None, Nada, Zero, Zilch.......

New LPs this year? About 200, mostly used and mostly flipped to buy better LPs.

Finally broke down and started a Spotify subscription this year. It's such a great service. Wish it was hi-res because the library is incredible for my listening tastes.
Koetsu RSP
Ayre QX5 Twenty 
Ortofon M2 mono