What equipment have you bought this year so far ?

I have bought three pieces: Grado RS1 Classic headphones, Burson Audio Soloist headamp/preamp and Purist Audio Aquila power cord. All used. Oh yes, I also have got two sealed Maxell Metal Vertex clank cassette tapes.
I've had a good year with the first updates to my system in nearly 20 years. Sounds great.
Rega P6
Dynavector 10x5
SimmAudio Moon 110LP Phono Pre
REL S/5 SHO sub

INFINITY 2000A -- A note of caution.

I had two pairs of these lovely speakers and was surprised and saddened when I eventually went to sell them.  Most of the RTR tweeters were totally dead.  I had no idea.  Must have overdriven them at some point though I normally listen at mid to low levels. Just fyi.
Audirvana for Windows 
Yamaha YDP2006 parametric equalizer (used)
Usher Be718 Speakers (used)
Mission speaker stands (used)
Yamaha MX 830 amplifier (used)

All are being used for a nirvana-like, wow factor, 2.0 experience in sweet spot audio.  Thanks eBay.