What equipment have you bought this year so far ?

I have bought three pieces: Grado RS1 Classic headphones, Burson Audio Soloist headamp/preamp and Purist Audio Aquila power cord. All used. Oh yes, I also have got two sealed Maxell Metal Vertex clank cassette tapes.
Marantz PM-14S1 Integrated Amp
Outlaw Audio RR2160 Receiver
Zu Dirty weekend spkrs
Dynaudio C4 Confidence Platinum front speakers
Dynaudio Confidence Centre speaker
Dynaudio sub 6 woofer
Cardas Golden Ear reference cables
Isotek Serius Power filter
Pro-ject xtension 10 turntable with bronze quintet MC
Halcro 7 channel Lyrus power amp 350w
Electrocompaniet AW400 mono block x 2  700w+ @ 4ohm
Electrocompaniet E4.6 preamp

Now I just need to make a decision on a processor, its pretty much down to Arcam or McIntosh. But given processors become outdated and worthless so quickly I'm having a hard time justifying McIntosh.

Martin Logan Theo's 
Musical Fidelity 2ia amp
Rogue Audio Sphinx amp
PrimaLuna Prologue Tube Amp
Onkyo CD player
Music Hall 25.3 DAC
Vintage Denon DP47F turntable.

- PS Audio BHK Signature Pre-Amp

- 1pr Voxativ AC-2.6 drivers to be used in oris horns

- 1pr Tekton PC-15

The allure of legendary Magnepans and Vandersteens is omnipresent. My Energy Reference Connoisseur speakers are a wonderful surrogate in The interim. The upgrade to dual (vertical bi-amped) NAD 2700 amplifiers is the major leap forward.