What equipment have you bought this year so far ?

I have bought three pieces: Grado RS1 Classic headphones, Burson Audio Soloist headamp/preamp and Purist Audio Aquila power cord. All used. Oh yes, I also have got two sealed Maxell Metal Vertex clank cassette tapes.
Synergistic Research Blue Quantum Fuse (4), ECT (10), PHT (2 Green Dream, 1 Black Widow), HFT (10), HFTX (4), HFT Wide Angle (3), HFT Speaker Kit (2), and Resolution Reference interconnect (2m, used).

Dayton SA-1000 (two), Morel UW1058 10" drivers (4), Precision Ports 3" port (2), and 2 each 1k and 20k resistors. (ie, distributed bass array, aka Swarm subwoofer system.)

Ceramic insulators (3) basically Cable Elevators only off eBay so minus the name brand and markup.

Static Guard anti-static spray. Yes this is equipment. Essential. Try it and see.

And finally yesterday TubeStore Preferred Series KT88 tubes (and 4).

And not bought but pulled out of retirement: Synergistic Research Master Control Center to add Active Shielding to my speaker cables, and interconnects, and motor controller. Black Diamond Racing Shelf for the SR MCC and about 21 BDR Cones for the subs, amps, and MCC. Two ElectraGlide Fat boys. These half meter power cords run 18" straight into the Dayton amps, the whole setup being very low profile and centered between the speakers right where "Jim states" they shouldn't be. 

I plan on adding some more ceramic insulators, until all my cables are off the floor and run nice and neat. Still have 2 BDR Shelf to go under the amps. Rosewood veneer to finish the subs. Build a solid low profile stand for the amps. 

Hey I did nothing, no cleaning no nothing, for 5 years. At least. This is catch-up.

An ElectraGlide is a FLH, a Fatboy is a Softail.
Harleys and HiFi are two very expensive hobbies.

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So far this year:
EAR 534 amp (preowned).
High Fidelity CT-2 S/PDIF cable (outstanding SQ).
(2) High Fidelity MC-05 power modules.
Many NOS tubes.
DH Cones.
Custom Furutech PC by VH Audio.

Ayre QX-5 Twenty
Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum 

Luxman 507uxRaspberry Pi + case
Now ask me what I need to get rid of .... << crying >>
Replaced my Mac power amp with a McIntosh MC302 amp.   It’s a 300wpc monster. 
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Io eclipse phono stage with 2 power supply’s. 
2 dedicated power lines with power strip and 4 new power
cords. Leather turntable mat, custom made stainless steel
arm outrigger for second TT arm.
Its going to be a good year for vinyl !
Lots of LessLoss DIY 64x Firewalls for power cords, and a JCAT Net Card Femto for the computer.
Setting up headphone system centered around a Yamamoto HA-3 headphone amp so have added vinyl with a Origin Live table, Origin Live Onyx arm, Aural Trills Serenade tube phono, Hifiman Xv2 cans, Moon Audio Silver and Black cables, Breeze Audio 200 tube headphone amp(as backup),several sets of Psvane Treasure tubes. New set of KT150 tubes for my Quicksilver M120s in my big system and had my ZYX Universe rebuilt by Soundsmith for my main rig.  
SoundSmith Sussurro MkII
ORB record flattener
record and more records
Usher Mini Dancer 2's (used);Bluesound Vault 2;Thiel 1.2's (well used)
Next up, some amp decisions!
Like Slaw a lot of music

but also some hardware....

Brinkmann Bardo
Triplaner Mk7 S2
Acoustat RP-2 preamp
Thiel CS2.3 ( trade )
SOTA Sapphire, misc busted stuff

sell / sold or giveaway pile

Sumiko FT-3
Grado RP

Only the stuff needed, no "desire" items. Those will have to wait until I have my health back.

Ortofon 2M Black
Questyle QP2r
Focal Sphear S IEM's
Full set of tubes (Winged-C 5U4's, Psvane EL34PH's, EH Gold 6SN7's, Psvane 12au7 Tii's)
Assorted other bits/bobs for some DIY maintenance and cables.

In the past calendar year. Pass Labs 260.8 monoblocks,Rega Saturn R, Audio Physic Tempo Plus speakers. And yes I'm done for a while.... Or maybe not! This silly hobby never ends.  The insanity!
Just a few Von Schweikert mk3 and lumin t2 both are really nice sound Smith star mc cartridge now I’m done for a good while 👍😎
2019 only

Elac debut 2.0 C5.2 center channel speaker
Used PS Audio Digital Link III DAC
Dayton Audio WFA28 Wi-Fi Audio Adapter
Grado Prestige Red cartridge
Schiit Mani phono pre
Replacement belt for my old Kenwood KD-2055
(2) sets of Blue Jean RCA interconnects

I think that’s it (perhaps some other miscellaneous), except for a number of CD’s and Vinyl
Just bought a Clearaudio Virtuoso v2MM cart for my Clearaudio turntable
 I am currently waiting delivery of an MHDT Orchid DAC, (Laspada Apollo II power cord because the unit did not come with one) & 2 SVS interconnects. If the Orchid works out then i will have a Callia DAC for sale (about 8 months old and in perfect condition) . Also I am considering getting a pair of the Magnaplanar (LRS) since they have a 60 day in home trial... 
Peachtree Nova300

Optical and digital coax cables
Building a pair of speaker cables

A nice used pair of Wilson Sophia 3’s and a Transparent PowerWave power conditioner.
See what I forget......

Ayre EX8
C.E.C 3100
The Gate
Pioneer RT-701
Revox B-77
Scheu Analog SL
Lyra Dorian
Graham Slee mm phono
Technics SL-10
Azden YM20E

Too much vinyl and CD to keep track of.

Probably forgot some stuff that i bought and already sold ... Lol
Low rider. I had a road king and a custom made bobber. Had my third kid( oops), sold them and returned to audio as my hobby. Wife approves and it much less expensive and much less dangerous. Too many friends getting hit with everyone texting and whatnot. Be safe. 
Btw, bought nothing this year though I have my eyes on a Luxman or accuphase integrated. 
Marantz PM-14S1 Integrated Amp
Outlaw Audio RR2160 Receiver
Zu Dirty weekend spkrs
Dynaudio C4 Confidence Platinum front speakers
Dynaudio Confidence Centre speaker
Dynaudio sub 6 woofer
Cardas Golden Ear reference cables
Isotek Serius Power filter
Pro-ject xtension 10 turntable with bronze quintet MC
Halcro 7 channel Lyrus power amp 350w
Electrocompaniet AW400 mono block x 2  700w+ @ 4ohm
Electrocompaniet E4.6 preamp

Now I just need to make a decision on a processor, its pretty much down to Arcam or McIntosh. But given processors become outdated and worthless so quickly I'm having a hard time justifying McIntosh.

Martin Logan Theo's 
Musical Fidelity 2ia amp
Rogue Audio Sphinx amp
PrimaLuna Prologue Tube Amp
Onkyo CD player
Music Hall 25.3 DAC
Vintage Denon DP47F turntable.

- PS Audio BHK Signature Pre-Amp

- 1pr Voxativ AC-2.6 drivers to be used in oris horns

- 1pr Tekton PC-15

The allure of legendary Magnepans and Vandersteens is omnipresent. My Energy Reference Connoisseur speakers are a wonderful surrogate in The interim. The upgrade to dual (vertical bi-amped) NAD 2700 amplifiers is the major leap forward. 
Buchardt S400's. Rythmik F25 dual 15" sealed subs. Crown XLS2002 Amp. Next up-- PrimaLuna preamp/possibly integrated. 
I don't want to think about it!
Mostly little stuff. A couple pair of AudioQuest ic’s. A Toslink cable.  I bought a Pro-ject S2 Digital DAC( just got it today, so I can’t say anything yet.)

I think that’s about it.

 I am looking for an  OPPO 105D-205D or the equivalent.  Hope to make purchase by years end.

Parasound halo a31 parasound halo a23 kimber  bifocal xl kimber select ks1126 kimber pk10 palladians pioneer elite lx500 2 kimber hd29 2 kimber hd19e 
24 Isoacoustic "feet" (16 pucks & 8 GAIA II's)
Isoacoustic Sub Platform
Nordost digital cable
Woo Audio Transport
Walker Audio Reference Plus High Definition Links
About 300 used CD's 

It's been a slow year so far 
Schiit Mani
Schiit Vali 2
Schiit Sys
Re-wired Rega RB 250 w Michell Technoweight
Linn LP12 Rega arm board
Sansui AU 5900

Wow, I'm gettin spending envy. 

I added to my rotation of receiver/amps (Peachtree Audio Nova, Outlaw Audio RR2160, Sansui G-3500, Yamaha CR-600) a completely rebuilt Pioneer SA-9100. So far I have kept it front and center while the others were put into service elsewhere in the house or boxed for (possible) resale. 

Also bought a NAD C658 which I mostly loved but it lacked some of the updates that were critical to me keeping it. As soon as BluOS and NAD finish the updates (mainly Dirac) I will reorder it to get the full 30 day tryout. 
You really had to ask this question??
So approximately since 1/1/19 give or take:
Bryston BP173 Preamp 
Bryston BDA-3 DAC
Bryston 4B3 (2) run as monoblocks
Musical Fidelity Nu Vista Vinyl Phono Preamp 
VPI Prime Signature turntable
Ortofon 2M Black cart 
Magico A3 pair
then sold off one of the Bryston 4B3 amps and acquired
Bryston 28B3 monoblocks (2)
AQ Niagara 5000
AQ Tornado Power cables
and some other things...
and sold a bunch of things in my system turnover...
and working to pay for my “hobby”!
Goldenear Reference speakers. PS Audio Directstream with Bridge 2. McIntosh Mc452 stereo amp. McIntosh C50 Preamp. The last two were bought at the end of last year. I think. LOL
This  year I bought a Rega P3, and a Bluesound Node 2. Both were second hand. Extremely happy with both purchases. Now for an intergrated amp and some speakers.
Allnic 1201 phono pre and a Funk turntable, lotsa records...
miniDSP HD 4x10,
Burning Amp 2018 Colburn line stage preamp parts,
And a pair of Infinity 2000A speakers

nothing else.
I purchased, new and packaged (with 5 year warranty), Accuphase M-8000 pair. I believe the last European couple. I'm very happy
@mickeyb,  I lost my riding buddies once they started having kids. I can understand that.
And there's no way to go all-in on both hobbies at the same time. There's the time factor, do you ride or do you listen on your day off?
   And then there's the expense. In my heyday I had $50K invested in my bikes. There was no time or money for audio.

Now that I'm older, I'd rather listen to music and tweak my system rather than a carburetor.

A pair of Hypex NC400 mono kits, a pair of 3' Kimber Kable 12TC speaker cables, Schiit Freya, and a geothermal heat pump. :)

Wow @phomchick, I haven’t seen a pair of Infinity 2000A since 1971! I lusted for them, but had only the $ for the half-as-much 1001. The 2000A was at that time one of only two loudspeakers using the great RTR ESL tweeters, the other being the ESS TranStatic I (a pair of which I now own). The TranStatic employed another great driver, the KEF B139 woofer (later used by David Wilson in his WAMM), and it was that fact that led to ESS producing the Heil AMT loudspeaker.

TV-Audio Center (how’s THAT for an old-school hi-fi shop name?!) in San Jose was the first true hi-fi shop I discovered in my audiophile journey (component "stereo’s" were sold mostly at electronics stores back then), and they sold all the big 50’s/60’s/early-70’s brands: McIntosh, Dynaco, Acoustic Research, Thorens, Decca, Shure, Bozak, Wharfedale, Quad, Sony, JBL, Altec-Lansing, Crown, Phase Linear, etc., all sold by WWII generation hi-fi guys. The shop also had a hip young salesman named Bryan "something" (I bought all my gear from him, but have forgotten his last name), who brought in two new brands from the about-to-explode emerging high-end scene, ARC (I saw my first ARC pieces---an SP-2C and D50---in the shop in 1971), and ESS.

Oscar Heil had a working prototype of his AMT driver, and had been looking for a great woofer to mate with it in the loudspeaker he was working toward producing. He chose the KEF B139, one of the best woofer drivers at that time. Oscar was pointed towards ESS by KEF (distribution of UK products in the U.S.A. was very limited at the time), so he visited the TV-Audio Center shop to check out the transmissionline-loaded B139 in the TranStatic. He liked the bass he heard coming out of the speaker, so Bryan put him in touch with ESS, who of course ended up manufacturing the ESS Heil loudspeakers. Bryan was rewarded for his efforts by being given a nice position at ESS, director of sales, I believe.

Ancient history!

So far replaced 4 Crimson 640 E3s with a PS Audio BHK 250... what an amp !Currently awaiting delivery of MG Audio Planus 3 speaker cables. Speakers are next for upgrade but awaiting to hear the new PS audio speakers
SR PowerCell 12 UEF SE
SR Active Ground Block + HR grounding cables
SR SRX power cable x 1 (for PowerCell)*
SR Galileo SX AC cables x 12
SR Galileo SX IC cables x 2 pairs
SR Galileo SX SC speaker cables
SR ECT x 25
Lyra Etna SL stereo and Lyra Etna mono cartridges
Kuzma Stabi M turntable
Kuzma 4-point 9 tonearm (for Etna mono)
Thales Statement tonearm (for Etna SL stereo)
Moon 810LP phono preamp
Prima Luna Evo 400 preamp
Prima Luna Evo 400 power amps x 2
Full suite of Perfect Path products

Last listed made everything else perform x 2
* not delivered yet.

I merely purchased a good Yamaha receiver, CD player, better speaker wires, and now streaming Spotify.  This will hold me over for a while until I learn more, then I'm sure I'll get serious. I've learned from other hobbies, not to jump in too soon and keep changing. 
In 2019 I got a pair of (almost new) Rethm Saadhana and a Rega Planar 6 that was returned to a shop because of a small mar on the cover (Great deal!) and a TimberNation Rack System that is great looking and well build with a very reasonable price