what else do i need to improve sonic performance?

Luxman 550 A II
Harbeth Compact 7 ES3
AZ Hologram II
Rega P5 DV 10x5
Hegel DAC HD11
PS audio PWD
Nordost LS RD

Wondering if I change stock power cables and get power plant cleaner, how much could improve the sonics, certainly I am a novice in the hobby, and always reluctant to spend money in power cables and so on, in fact always used stock pieces,
really appreciate your help.
do the power cables, you will not believe the difference!

This is almost universally agreed on.

When I changed out the stock PCs in my system the sound opened up to an unbelievable degree.

DIY VenHaus is a good cheap start

also Pangea Audio gets a few positive nods around here.

good luck and have fun
I agree with Philjolet. Just one word of advice...components with a low current draw such as a preamp do not need the heaviest gauge PCs.
For example, Pangea sells the AC-9 for amps and the AC-14 for preamps, CDPs, etc.
I also suggest you research the different types of power conditioners. With cleaner power, you will hear an improvement.
There's many different ways you can upgrade your system. A couple of people mentioned going with new power cords. I agree that they do make a difference. The one thing I would recommend, though, is to try the cables in your system before you buy them. In many cases, power cords don't make a positive difference. If you don't have a good local dealer that you can use, I would definitely call The Cable Company. They can send you a bunch of different cables that you can demo first. I have been using them for years and have been very happy with the results.

One other thing you may want to consider is upgrading your phono cartridge. I had the 10x5 and thought it was a great sounding product for the money. If you step up to the Dynavector 20x2. I did and think it was well worth the money. If your phono pre can handle it, I would get the low output version.
i own the pwd. while it "reads" 24 bit discs, it is an unremarkable component for 16 bit cds. Consider a replacement, unless you listen exclusively to hi resolution files or reference recordings dvds.
People can suggest quite a number of things that in their opinion may improve sonic performance. However, you left out key details. for example, what is really missing in your opinion from your system's sound? Are you in Heaven when you sit and listen and never want to get up? or is something(s) missing? and if so, what? lack of depth, dimension, accuracy? too bassy? no mid bass or highs? What is your listening room like? many times the room itself can really negatively impact the sound. Simply suggesting equipment may not help if one doesn't isolate the real problems. for me, I need to really address the room itself with people knowledgeable in that area. Do you have friends knowledgeble in audio, music and equipment? that can come by and listen and offer opinions?

What dont you like about what you're hearing? You have some amazing gear. Your amp and speakers are a well known match. What stands are your speakers on? How far away from the walls? Hard woods or carpeting?
I firmly believe that all the basics should be done right, which means power cords should be upgraded, than you can make an informed decision - imo

I would not change any equipment until you do this, I think you may well forget a need to upgrade/change
Mrtennis I dont know if you are talking about the Perfect wave DAC or the transport?
I have to be honest i feel more satisfy with teh sound coming out of the hegel HD11, back and for i tried so many times, maybe is just synergy with rest of the gear.
my room is around 5 meters long by 5 meters wide, but is sort of triangle shape, at the begining i hated but the sonics improved i guess was more psichological about the structural shape.
Maybe I am biased coming from full range speakers with amazing Dymanics as the AZ crescendos and Ayon triton amp, I was told by Paul from Tube USA that when you tried a 120 watts class A tube amp its hard to get satisfaction with less, but so far Luxman/harbeth is a very pleasant surprise
so the reviews and forums were right cause i bought them without havent listened, due to geographical circumstances and no dealers around with teh products.
I am missing dynamics and the cymbals of Pat Metheny group coming trough in the way we like, but certainly an amazing midrange to die for.

i will keep reading advice about power cables and power cleaner plants, maybe i can look into a cartridge upgrade on my rega P5.
Vinyl sound is keeping me closer to analog this days,
even with an excellent computer/DACs combo, i can be listening to lps whole day, Cds, get fatigue quiet fast what is a shame cause i have a lot of great music.

I cant thank you enough for your responses,
thank you all.
I would advise against spending money on ultra expensive wire, but you wouldn't listen, so what's the point. The fact that you asked the question says you want to buy something.
I have de ps audio phono that I forgot to mention.
Plus the luxman built in one.
I will call the cable company!
I will also look into cartridge upgrade, I think its the weakest link on my system today.
Re gards
I am a big fan of Pat Metheny and the Pat Metheny Group. I can tell you that on many of the albums, the music is absolutely wonderful, but the recordings are not great. A really good system will put a spotlight on bad or subpar recordings and equipment. I have just about everything that Pat Metheny has put out and will go to any Pat Metheny concert when they come to my area. But, as I mentioned, some of their recordings are not great. The music is, but recordings aren't and I definitely hear it in my system. One of my favorite albums is Secret Story. Absolute wonderful sound (music and recording). Check it out and see if the sound quality is better than on the album. I couldn't begin to suggest changes to your system. But obviously, in your opinion, changes are necessary. Therefore, find dealers or friends that will let you audition or borrow equipment to demo in your home. This prevents buying equipment without knowing what it will sound like in your system in your home and realizing that you made an expensive mistake. If you can't find a dealer, then a friend maybe. One piece at a time, until the issues are solved.

I also agree with Philjolet but would add ditch the PS dac . I had listened to that dac with hi.rez files and transport. I was not impressed at all pick up a good tubed dac.
what Tube DAC to pick from, i have 2 DACs on my home,
The HEGEL HD11 quiet impressive.
advice please