what else-$$ ?????

just curious, considering the money one can drop on this hobby of ours ,if audio wasn't a priority in one's life ,what would YOU be dumping your ( hard-earned )$$$$$ into?? thanks all...
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Cars and/or hunting.
A 1970 Hemi Challenger or Cuda, and an *Old-School-Style* Harley Shovel or Panhead like Indian Larry built.
I guess that would have to be small, porcelain dolls. Or beanie babies, perhaps. Or antique duck calls - there are just so many worthy contenders.
Clothing, Food, Housing, etc...

Jusk Kidding.
Probably more video games and systems.
i forgot to mention mine... more travel time...
Nice boat!

Hemi Challenger or 'Cuda? Yesssssss............ Add a Charger to that list!

In the past it was Balisong knives and Tad pool cues. The last seven years, I've been throwing pesos at my '99 M3.
Topless Bars and Formula One DooDads!
More music....!!
You reminded me of one thing, I'd like to have Roselyn Sanchez or Rosario Dawson in one of my Mopars or on the back of my Harley !!
Clothes/a few nice trees with a sigificant root ball.
Distortion, have you seen Albert Porter's "low ceiling" table routine? What did you think of Schumacher's stunt during qualifying at Monaco? I was pretty amazed.
Falconry, recreational drugs, unprotected sex and internet gambling.
Viridian when you mention uprotected sex what are the costs involved you're referring to? Medical costs? The cost of drinks and dinner? a one month subscription to eHarmony? :•)
2 syllable word.........Por-Sha.
32' Bayliner Cierra is in my future plans.
For now I'm happy with my Bayliner 242.
I'm also a fan of Penn reels and G-Loomis rods.
Love also chicks that smoke pot and get a libido like I am.
Boats. Need several of them - one for each Skiing, Wakeboarding, Fishing, Cruising, . . .
More music.
Oops, I forgot..can't have too many fine timepieces: Philip Patek-vintage and new..
Start with a BMW M3 and Lotus Elise. Next will be Lange 1, Blancpain flyback, Patek Philip annual calender, and Girard Perragux tourbillon. Leica M6 and Canon EOS-1 are nice to have too.

I never have problem finding things to buy...
I like the hemi idea, but I'd go for a Charger Daytona with the pointy nose and big wing! Second choice would be the Mercedes SLR McLaren with 617 HP!
Vintage, contemporary and difficult to obtain obscure vinyl recordings. From jazz to early electronica and psychedelia from all periods, genres and cultures. It's got to be vinyl and as mint as possible! Nice cover art is a bonus.
Of course one must do some travel to find those gems. You have got to understand the culture and eat the food to get to know the people who can direct one toward undiscovered treasure.
Really, what else is there?

Really, what else is there?
Gunbei, Albert dances? Suhwheet! ...and I got a roll of "Ones" all saved up!

Schumacher tried to pull a fast one. He made an error and tried to capatalize on it. I was wondering with the Qualy system this year, who was going to be the first to try and exploit the weakness'? Too bad, becasue he had pole anyway.