What DVD should I use?

Well, I should receive a pair of speakers for my two channel home theatre endeavor, for the bedroom. What is the DVD that will show off, best, what these speakers can do. I'm not up on what DVDs are happening, in this regard. I'm not only interested in sound effects, but music as well. You know..the whole nine...Gladiator, comes to mind. Thanks in advance...peace, warren
lord of the rings all of them esp. fellowship of the ring (first movie) "bridge at khazad-dum". in chapt. 30 or 31 as the fellowhip leaves rivendell, there's a great crescendo in the dolby version. not so good in dts. i'm talking about the extended version. lest you think i'm a lotr junkie, i had to look this up. i'm just a semi-junkie.

aloha keith
I found the sound in 'The League of Extrordinary Gentlemen' to be amazing, movies pretty lame, but the bass, and unfortunately for you if you only have two channel, the surround effects are top notch. It was so good in this regard, I'm still considering buying it for a demo disc!

Another I love, and would highly recomend for two channel HT is the 'Diva' scene from 'The Fifth Element', which should sound quite good in 2 channel.
Thanks Kenny. Finally a repsonse to my question. I thought I would be inundated with info. Go figure....peace, warren
Try looking at Behind Enemy Lines. Two scenes really stand out.The scene where the F-18 is being chased by enemy SAM's
and the scene where the downed pilot is threading his way thru a booby trapped factory. Awesome sound in DTS.
Okay, for music, how about the musical, "Chicago"? It sounds quite impressive on my rig. Also, if you want some killer impact, play the plane crach scene from "The Fight Club". Terminator 3 has some nice crunches and explosions, as well.
I always used the first Lord of the Rings movie for demos , when I had an HT set-up. The fireworks scene in the beginning is pretty incredible.

After having seen the third installment, "Return of the King" last night, I think I would pick that one. There's a scene towards the end, when Sauron is defeated...It sounds like that THX sound...pure madness. I'm sure that's a treat. There's also lot's of scenes that I imagine would sound good in surround. With that said, I watched "Return.." in stereo, so someone else might be better qualified to comment.

What kind of surround system did you end up with