what dvd player to use with linn?

i have a linn audio system (bi amped ninkas, genki) that i also started using for home theater with my plasma tv.

my question is: what cost effective ways are there to get the benefits of surround sound using the equipment i already have? i dont have the budget for a linn unidisk and more $$$ amps, just want something to give me rear channels for the occasional movie night.

thanks for your suggestions!

I'd recommend any of the Arcams. DV-88, 88P, DV27A or DV79. The DV-88 and 88P (progressive) will give you the most bang for the buck. 27A is lights out and gives you DVD-Audio, but pricey still. The DV-79 gives you HDMI capabilities. The best picture I've seen yet, but it's new on the market and won't come cheap. I've talked to several other Arcam owners, we're all stunned by how much better the picture is than most players. Very film-like, great color and depth. But what really blows us away is how much better the sound is! They're not bad for CD playback either.

I was without my 88 for a month while it was being upgraded to an 88P. I bought a $88 Pioneer to hold me over, which was good enough. But the I had forgotton how good the Arcam sounded, and the new progressive picture is just lights out. You can get an 88 for around $425 or so. And it's worth the extra $100-150 to get the P upgrade to me.

The Pioneer DV-37 and 47A are also good players. Good pictures, a little heightened color. Not as good sound as the Arcam though. With the quality of your system already I think the Arcam would be a more appropriate purchase. Good luck.
If you go to the various Linn forums you will notice that Linnies are big on the awesome Teac Esoteric DV-50 universal player. It has awesome 2 channel output and can be got used a a great price.
Not sure if I understand your question but how about a used Classik Movie System. You will get the amplification for the surround channels and a great DVD player. The integration of a Classik Movie into a 2 channel system is very simple. If the that's too much money NAD also makes a all-in-one DVD/CD player with internal amplification for 5.1 surround. I believe it is called the L-70. I've seen them go for very cheap here on Audiogon. My system is similar to yours so if you have any questions email me directly. Regards, Len