What Drives Meadowlark Audio Herons

Hi, I have a pair of Meadowlark Audio Heron's, the original, which I am sure uses the same drivers as the Heron-i's. Since Meadowlark is no longer in business, I need to find out what the Drivers specs are on the Herons. I know that they are as follows, but need more details to buy replacement drivers:

Tweeter: 3/4" tweeter from Scan Speak
Mid Range: 4" Audax Aerogel
Woofer: Vifa's 7" premiums

Does anyone know???

Please Help!!!

Thanks in advance.
Are there part numbers on the drivers? If so, you should be able to contact the manufacturer and use those numbers to purchase replacements.
I wanted to order new binding posts for my Kestrel Hot Rods so I contacted Cardas and they were extremely helpful pointing me in the right direction. Had to email pics but they were great. Good luck.
I am sure they are, I just don't want to take the drivers out...remember, the drivers are fine. I just want to get a pair so that when the do die...I'd have something to replace them with.