what does V.P.I. stand for?

I'd like to know.
I was once told by a retired retailer that it was an acronym for "Very Profitable Indeed", but I would imagine the folks at VPI would know for sure.
A wonderful company.
I remember reading a long time ago that only the Weisfelds and HP, (Harry Pearson of TAS) know for sure.
"Very Profitable Indeed" is pretty creative... but not it :)

Maybe one day I'll leak it... also maybe one day I'll figure out why Sheila kept it's meaning under lock and key!

I can’t recall my source, but I was once told VPI stood for Vinyl Playback Instruments or Vinyl Phonograph Instruments...something like that.
Ok Mike, so if it's not Very Profitable Indeed, could it be..Very Private Individuals:)Just kidding Mike you have always been great to deal with on parts and tech support.
I personally hope that it Very Profitable to insure that you will always be there when we need you.
I believe that the response from vpi was from Matt Weisfield
Yup this is Weisfeld Jr. and don't worry, Mike isn't going anywhere... the poor guy just wants to retire and go fishing at this point but I'm not letting him! Still plenty of turntables to be made! :)