What does the word audiogon even mean?

i get the AUDIO......but what about the GON


Going...going.....gon... As in auctions as when Audiogon first appeared Ebay was the only thing going. At least that's always been my assumption.

a combining form meaning “angled,” “angular,” used in the formation of compound words: polygon; pentagon.

That, and it's also a valid scrabble word, for whatever that's worth. 

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I like the name of this website. The "gon" lends a touch of class, gravitas and science to our wretched, pocket-emptying hobby. 😎

gon = gone

harks back to its origin of being a site where users could sell used gear they no longer wanted

The Penta-gon is a place dedicated to war, Audio-gon is a place dedicated to all things audio. ...and I'm sticking to it...

Arnie the owner of the Accutronics store in Ann Arbor started selling a bunch of used audio equipment out of the basement level on ebay.  The good stuff was upstairs.  When he saw how well it was doing, it morphed into Audio-gone.

Remember when there was a Videogon? I watched a pair of Nestorovic 5AS speakers on that site for a couple of months wondering why the seller didn't list them on Audiogon instead. Finally, I bought them.

Our audiophile group calls itself The Audiofoos - amazing Wife Acceptance Factor.

Foos because we spend money on audio like a bunch of Foos.

Audiogon? Maybe because your money is soon gone?


Considering that Audiogon originated as a forum/chatroom with free classified ads I assume that the "GON" referred to different angles/opinions/thought.


But then, I'm simple.





Literally -

word-forming element meaning "angle, corner," from Greek gōnia "corner, angle," from PIE root *genu- (1) "knee; angle."

So, 'Audio Corner'

@panzrwagn ...😒 Now, that's so logical it smarts....

I'm toying with an acronym that would describe the Reality of this...technical tesseract we're doomed in and to...the Alpha and Omega of audible oblivion...

...besides, if it wasn't 'smart-azed' , I hate to disappoint.... ;)

Pass #1


...or something equally annoying....😏

Audigon is a trademark, or to give the subspecies, a service mark. The purpose of a service mark is to identify the source of the services being offered. The strongest type of trademark is completely arbitrary. A valid trademark cannot describe an ingredient, quality, function, purpose, feature, characteristic or use of the specified goods or services. It suggests in the vaguest sort of way that the services are associated with audio, but fundamentally it's a made-up word that tells you these services are being offered by the Audigon.com company, and it symbolizes the goodwill that company has earned, supposing that it has.

Maybe it came from the world of product names, like pharmaceuticals. Or car companies.

"Don't drive Stellantis if you are allergic to Stellantis or any of it's ingredients. Tell your service writer about all of the cars you drive. Accidents, including major accidents, have occurred."