What does 'shotgunning' mean??

I am building my first system and have noticed the terms "tri-wire or bi-wire shotgun speaker cables" on the Internet. What the heck does this mean and how does it work? Thanks in advance. -Ryan
to my knoledge it means using two cables to bi-wire, instead of using one cable with internal bi-wire.For ex. you would have two cables going to each speaker instead of just one.
If memory serves me right it means using 2 separate wires joined together at the amp end and 2 connections at the speaker ends - one for high frequencies and the other for low frequencies.
It means first taking a hit off of a joint and holding it in, then turning the joint around, putting the lit end into your mouth, then exhaling/blowing on the joint into the mouth of the person getting the 'shotgun', doubling the density of his hit.
Johnny B. What type of roast would you suggest for a good shotgun? Is rump OK? Do better cuts such as say a rib roast improve the quality of the shotgun or would it just be overkill? Thanks.
dekay: your reposte to jonnybravo will be lost on those who don't know that a cut of meat (roast) is referred to in the uk as a "joint." don't mean to steal your thunder. just trying to be helpful to those not familiar with (what used to be) the queen's english. cheers!
Not a problem Cornfedboy, appreciate the assistance and I get it now. Johnny B. was referring to bi-wiring, which until just recently was legal in the state of California for medicinal use. Though I hear that a lot of people still do it in the privacy of their own homes. I also apologize for getting off the track on this thread. I'm going a little nuts waiting for my "Homegrown" cables to break in.
Far out man! Like cool..