What does Roon make in SQ ( Sound Quality) when inserted in my system?

My System consists of a power regenerator PSAudio P5, Auralic Altair DAC / Streamer, my IPad for play and control songs via Tidal, a Jeff Rowland Power Amp and Monitor Audio Speakers. 
I ask what kind of improvement should I have inserting Roon in my system? 
Worth it ????

go for the free trial and make your own informed decision. many of us like Roon, myself included
I use Roon and I like it. No, I didn't really have any sort of magical sound changes. The UI and Tidal / ripped music integration was why I did it.

Having said this, I was able to do a little room correction using the built in DSP capabilities.

Others really like the upsampling, I tried it and went "meh" but I expect the value of this varies based on your DAC.
I don't believe any sound quality affect is either stated or implied with the use of Roon?  Its a UI tool to discover, organize and play digital files, including hi-res, from a variety of sources and control playback to one or more zones in sync or independently.

Frosting on the cake, as far as I am concerned, is the artist/album information and links to other related artists but I imagine Tidal offers you those features already. I use Qobuz but I wouldn't be happy with that interface. I use Roon as software not audio playback hardware and I need it for multi-zone control.
Thanks pratorious and erik_squires,

Good tips for me and exactly as I imagine.

As a Tidal user, Roon will perform the first unfold of MQA material, which can get you as far as 96Khz with MQA material.