What does Roon give me beyond just Tidal HiFi?

With Tidal I seem to be able to play an unlimited selection of streaming music either selecting albums, creating song lists or inradio mode as well as playing my own ripped cd collection.
Is there something more than this that Roon offers?
looks like bogbeat "beat" me to the question and the answer is very little for the price.
I hear PS audio is soon to offer something which has a much richer music search /
Roon offers much more than just Tidal.
It offers a forum full of advice from snarky, defensive, rude and often hostile Roon fanboys.
It offers the ability to search your music collection for things you know are there but which Roon can't find.
It offers a development team who are actively opposed to introducing features that its customers frequently and repeatedly say they want.
It offers helpful information about the music you are listening to - such as who the Beatles are, or what Jazz is.
It offers an inability to search for classical music in any useful way.

On the plus side, it does look nice.
Rossb - I tried Roon once and experienced exactly what you are talking about. Just wondering if anything has changed
How are you playing your ripped cd collection? Roon would provide very good integration for it. Besides Roon, there are other options to integrate Tidal along with local files, such as Audirvana and Plex.

If you're using the Tidal app, Roon would probably have little benefit for you. I use Tidal and Qobuz on a Raspberry Pi streamer, and Roon has been a game changer for me with a vastly better user interface.
Mainly Room gives me precious time. It's not perfect but it's like my accountant. It worries about things like bit-perfect and device integration so I don't have to. DSP functionality can be useful too.
I play mine by folder/artist/album. Orange genre.
I do the organization since it’s my collection.
I found Jane & Linda on my own.
Device integration???
So why do I need ROON than? I have tidel, and I don't have a big house only a apartment. and I tried to understand the REAL purpose of it, Please tell me what would my reason be to keep the service be ?
If you are using a single streaming service, with a single end-point, and are not interested in the DSP capabilities, then I would say none.  I have several end points, use a few different services, and play around with a bunch of different components and often have friends bring stuff over (or did pre-covid).
I spent $450 on a ROON lifetime subscription in 2015 an amazing purchase. Here is what I use ROON for today:

#1 Running a Convolution filter for my small room system with big speakers in it. System sounds perfect. I know what not perfect is since I had that for a long time prior to the Convolution. I have done measurements on this too.

#2) Since last night, a Parametric EQ on the RAAL SR1a headphones to tame the harshness on my DAC. These headphones are uber revealing.

#3) Removed all ROON DSP for my Meze Empy’s not so revealing headphones

#4) Tidal (and last year also Qobuz) integration

#5) Multi room (or zone) support with access by iPhone, tablet, and computer(s)

#6 Musical discovery via recommendations. This is a new thing to ROON but an old thing to other services. ROON’s implementation is great.

#7 The GUI to filter and search. I think this a little annoying for my tastes but I also hate the Apple GUI’s.
I don't know if someone has addressed this but I believe roon has an app that allows multiple dac streams out of one PC. This could be really cool for house audio or equipment testing. 
3 years of angst and complete freedom when I pulled the plug.
Oh by the way I now use cPlay which is streets ahead in sound quality.
For instance, MusicCast software which comes FREE with any Yamaha gear you purchase (streamer, pre pro etc) does everything i need better than Roon. Other manufacturers have their own FREE offerings as well when you buy their gear. Roon is a marketing gimmick for guys who don't know any better IMO. 
I’m trying the new Roon 1.8 and I must say it is working better for me. More metadata enhancements, more suggestions about other music I would like fewer technical issues
I have a confession to make, previously I said I pulled the plug and preferred my cPlay software. I did notice a couple of days ago that Roon have updated their software so I gave it another try as  I still had six months to go on the subscription so I reinstalled 1.8 updated software and tied into Qobuz I have to say it is so much better musically and quite up to the cPlay software sonically .
I find Roon a pleasure and have enjoyed the interface for several years now. However, I recently tried Mcontrol (to tidal) an app that is recommended by my dac maker (Brinkman) and doggone if there wasn’t a big jump in SQ. I’m using the latest Roon 1.8. I might go back to Roon to read or find something but not for serious listening. There is no denying the significant jump in SQ. I‘ll miss Roon but love the fact that I got an upgrade without having to buy a new component.
I reinstalled 1.8 updated software and tied into Qobuz I have to say it is so much better musically and quite up to the cPlay software sonically .
Yes, I think Roon 1.8 has excellent sound quality. I previously used HQPlayer with Roon as I wasn't satisfied with the latter's SQ. Definite improvement with 1.8.

Not so sure about some of the interface changes with 1.8.
For instance, I don't like the way album credits are now displayed - spread out circular pics of artists and small writing makes things harder to find/read than the arranged list in 1.7.

I find the Roon music library features/integration great for my situation and it's music discovery features and linking are unparalleled IMO.
For those who want to expand their streaming library and discover new artists suiting the listeners individual taste, then Roon is more than worth the cost.