What does "pre out" rca output do?

Hello all;

I just received my cj sa250 power amp and I would love to try it, however I don't have a preamp yet. I do have my trusty musical fidelity A2 integrated amp. The back has 2 rca jacks that say "pre out", does that mean I can use the A2 as a preamp? Can I plug in my CD, tuner, phono into the A2 and then plug the A2 into the sa250? I don't want to ruin anything of course! I also have a parasound zphono, could I plug the output into the sa250?
That's exactly what pre-outs are for. Check the manual to verify the specific intended function, but pre-out should work fine for what you want to do.

My receiver has pre-outs for all seven surround channels and also pre-outs for two additional zones so you just need to know if there are any settings that you need to make to get it working the way you want.
Pre outs usually bypass the amplifier section so the unit becomes a preamp. Connect source (CD, etc.), run RCA from pre out to amp input. The amp will drive the speakers separately from the amp section in the integrated.
As far as the Zphono goes,don't plug it directly into a power amp.It does not have a volume control,and will run full volume,and possibly blow your speakers.That could be plugged into an auxiliary input on the integrated,so you could control its volume.
Thank you all so much!! Especially the info about the zphono, now that I think about it, I see how there is no volume control. Unfortunately I don't have my manual, it got lost somewhere in the last 10 years.
This is just a temp measure until the pre comes on Thursday.