What does oppo stand for?

As these things infiltrate my life, my wife is taking notice.

How many oppos can one own before divorce happens? Or in general, how nice can your stereo be before the wife sends you packin?

Anybody else here obsessed with oppo? Since I bought my first one recently, a 103d, I’ve purchased used a 981 just to play cds on my Fisher 400, and an 83 for my Kenwood L09m system. The 103d is connected to my current reference system which includes my Dynaco Mark IIIs with a Pas2 preamp, all with NOS tubes and nicely refurbished, with the nice cloth xfmr leads etc. Oh, and Klipsch towers.

I’m looking to bring my newly purchased 95 down here in the basement and bring the 103d upstairs for our entertainment center. Bought the 95 here on Audiogon and awaiting its arrival.

The wife doesn’t know about the 83 nor the 95.

This is it though. I will purchase no more audio equipment after this. I’m done upgrading... forever. I’m not a true audiophile like y’all. I’ll never own 4500.00 speakers and such. I’ll never own anything McIntosh and such. My Fisher 400 treats me fine. I’ll throw rocks at overpriced McIntosh equip.

I kid, you know what I mean?

Are there many female audiophiles? Seriously, I’m new at this stuff.




  1. short for opposition research."they are doing extensive oppo, looking over her public financial records, getting copies of her divorce papers"

It used to be Hippo that decided to change name in nearest government office... 
Mr. Oppo owns the name.
Oh, so it's a last name.  If the wife knew this, she may show more respect. 

Now that I have four of them, only two which she knows about,  I need to be careful. 

Just the other day,  she gave me another theory as to what OPPO stands for.  Evidently,  if you switch the letters around, you get POOP.

Once she discovers the 95, she'll probably tell me that I oppoed all over our marriage. 
LOL I often call brand VPI VIP.
According to various references on the web, including this Wikipedia writeup, the name of the parent company in China, transcribed to Western lettering, is "Guǎngdōng Ōupò Yídòng Tōngxìn Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī," which translates to "Guangdong Oppo Mobile Communications Co., Ltd." Guangdong is a province in China.

So it seems clear that Oppo is derived from "Ōupò." I have no idea, though, as to what "Ōupò" may mean, if anything.

-- Al

I recently bought a 103D for use as a universal transport and it far exceeded my expectations....It is a great machine for the money and although the main reason I bought it was to use with my DAC, along with the fact that my current player's transport was audible from my listening position which was annoying.   Their support is top notch too.  I would have loved a 105 but with a kid in college I needed to be a little more practical than previous upgrades..... This machine is a huge value for the money.
Thanks for relating your OPPO experience.   What kind of dac do you use with yours?  I think my bro uses a geek pulse.
I'm using a NAD M51, it's a great combo.   The OPPO really is a nice machine,  it replaced a Sony 9000ES and a Panasonic bdt500. The Panasonic was nice, it really sounded good through its analog outs for a BR player although I was using it with with a YBA WD202 DAC  which for the money was excellent.   Then I bought the  M51 which was a huge upgrade.  The Panny was a great player with a horrible remote and user interface which is what prompted me to get the OPPO 103d , it's user interface is excellent.  
Good thing you're not into all of the Schiit gear. Yes, it is pronounced "that" way.
Since I've last posted in here, I've aquired the 105.  Audio bliss.  Plays my m4a files too.

I got a used (of course) 980.  The oppo 980 will have you throwing rocks at your 981.  Great player for dvds and down.  Great for just plain d cds, but will play flash drives too.
Now now they are going out of business. Why? Would not some other company want to acquire them? Very strange. 
Our Production Permanently Offline

Guess they couldn't figure a profitable way forward as physical media and the hardware associated with it continues to decline.  The fact that no one made a viable offer to buy them would seem to confirm their decision just to close shop.  Impressive, but not surprising, that they'll continue to support their products.  Sad when good companies with good products and service go away.  Still have my DV-970HD that failed once but that the company fixed and got back to me from across the country in a few days at no cost.  Sigh. 
Ah, the 970 was mentioned in my absence.

I own two of them now, one having intermittent problems playing some cds but neither having any problems playing usb flash drives nor micro sd cards.

The 970 also uses HDMI if needed, plays dvds but not bluray obviously.

I think the 83 is the first to do that?
@mcgowdog-  Have you tried cleaning the LASER, on the one with problems?    There are many cleaning discs, available.  ie: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=laser+cleaning+d...
Yes thanks, that seemed to help, but still intermittent problems.  Maybe I could replace the laser?  Strangely intermittent problem.
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