What does one do with old outdated audio equipment?

I'm honestly at a loss as what to do with my old equipment that's been sitting in my basement for a couple of years. There are: 2 citation 19 amps, a citation 17 pre and a set of jbl L 212 speakers. I havn't any use for them and cannot imagine anyone else having any use for them, they're soo old. Does anyone know of appropriate grave yards for these thing?
Auction them off and give the proceeds to the Red Cross or the NY FF.
Someone will pay something for them.
Auction them separately.
Regards, Brian
If you want to box them up and send them to me, I will take them off your hands. I will pay the shipping costs and for the box(es) and packing required. Thanks,, George
If interested, contact me at gdn@shield.com, or call at 1-512-733-5995
Thanks,, George
I'd burn the speakers but Citation (Harmon-Kardon?) has always been a class act (hi-end before there was a high-end). Don't you need a "second system"?
One word: eBay
I would have to ask where do you live and how much do you want?
John J Via
6152609569 anytime
Why not create another audiophile by giving no longer used equipment to an interested teenager and help them understand how to get the most out of even vintage components.
Old JBL speakers of that vintage (L100 and L212 come to mind) do show up on eBay, and they bring considerable $. Probably similar with the amplifiers.
All of the suggestions above are good, but here are several other ideas:
1. Donate the components to an audio club in your area;
2. Donate the system to a retirement home, and install it for them in a common area where the residents can enjoy some music;
3. Donate the system to the music department of a local high school or college.
I like Alexanderj's suggestion...create a new audiophile. But here's one of my selfish "audio fantisies"...I hate to part with old gear, becuase someday when i'm fabulously wealthy, I'd like to have an audio museum of all the gear I ever owned...starting with the Empire Troubadour turntable i bought in high school!
Spread it out, one stereo for the kids, one for the Home theatre, one for the living room for music only.....or split your Home theatre into separate amps for every channel... failing that.... sell it on this site or EBay!
You could donate it to me!.. I am just getting into this hobby i have some JBL ND 310 speakers and a NAD C-370, but would like to try other equip. Dont just throw them away!
With all due respect to suggestions above, I would second Hello's & Sd's: one simple, kind gesture can bring unbeleivable happiness to many others!