What does music mean to your life/

(For me, it's everything). Music/art, is so important to our existence as human beings. Think about it. Without this basic form of human expression, what is there? Can you even imagine a world without it? I can't. I don't want to.

Some of us choose fields that require study at extreme expense, (then we come home to our lives and find solace in the arts/or find it while driving to and from our jobs).

There is seemingly one connector to us all, this resolve/this expression we have within ourselves that some of us express more than others that most of us still understand in our own way. We are all connected in this way. Through the arts. In the context of this thread/this forum, it's music. Music has the ability to transcend all boundaries. Wow! What a great thing. This is a common denominator that we all share. That's why it is so important.

It's from this realization that I choose to participate in this conversation, by way of this forum. I hope my contribution helps, in some way, other's who may find a need for a direction to music they otherwise would not have even heard of.
That's pretty heavy, man.
The Music I chose to listen to brings me closer to God who IS life itself.
It is part of my personal healthcare plan. Seriously, along with exercise and eating properly, listening is the one thing that has never let me down, and has always provided a new perspective to my mind interested, calm and at peace. And it doesn't matter the style either, from classical to jazz to punk to prog to shoegaze and back again. If it moves me, that's good.
i love music, but i think in today's culture that a truly great Movie, whether from the 30's or today, is incredibly powerful stuff. there's a thousand titles of pictures i can think of (maybe not offhand but, y'know) that have had caused me to think as deeply and as much as anything else.
Of course, when i PLAYED music with the band in high school and college,
i was almost in a trance-like state playing the good stuff (Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Mozart, etc.) i could not get enough, and then of course the 60's music revolution and then my discovery of jazz was almost enough to make me seek a career in music, although i wasn't anywhere good enough. SO... I Had to go back and study my chemistry book instead....
There is something with music that I don't get with the visual arts. It transcends without distraction. No matter how many times I listen to a piece of music, I discover something new. It could be a small technical observation or feeling I get. Hmmm, it's kind of odd, but I have to thank my first violin teacher some 50 years ago for getting me on the music train. The appreciation just continues to grow every year.
As a lifelong music teacher who still plays the occasional club or cafe gig, music is huge in my life. I married another music teacher, my kids both play and most of my meaningful relationships arose from musical pursuits. Some of my students have become great friends whom I otherwise wouldn't have known.
I have this on both a t-shirt and my license plate holder on the car:

"Without Music Life Would Bb"