What does MKII stand for?

This may be a silly question to some but I do not know what it means and see it quite often on different things. On speakers as well as components.
MKII stands for Mark II which is a second iteration of the same product marked by changes usually for the better, but not always.
Yeah... Mark 2....Series 2....Second Edition....all mean the same usually..

It is also a branding thing... All the REL ST subwoofers come in a "III" version or Series 3. But some models in that ST line never has a Series 2. Calling some II would only make them appear older than the III's.

What I do find interesting is the guy selling a pair of B&W Matrix 805 "Series 2" speakers.
There is no such thing. B&W only made one version of the M805...
Mark II means more money.....
realy just nothing physically.
Wife Mark II.