What Does Holographic Sound Like?

And how do you get there? This is an interesting question. I have finally arrived at a very satisfying level of holography in my system. But it has taken a lot of time, effort and money to get there. I wish there had been a faster, easier and less expensive way to get there. But I never found one.

Can you get to a high level of holography in your system with one pair of interconnects and one pair of speaker wires? I don't believe so. I run cables in series. I never found one pair of interconnects and speaker wires that would achieve what has taken a heck of a lot of wires and "tweaks" to achieve. Let alone all the power cords that I run in series. Although I have found one special cable that has enabled the system to reach a very high level of holography -- HiDiamond -- I still need to run cables in series for the sound to be at its holographic best.

There are many levels of holography. Each level is built incrementally with the addition of one more wire and one more "tweak". I have a lot of wires and "tweaks" in my system. Each cable and each "tweak" has added another level to the holography. Just when I thought things could not get any better -- which has happened many times -- the addition of one more cable or "tweak" enabled the system to reach a higher level yet.

Will one "loom" do the job. I never found that special "loom". To achieve the best effects I have combined cables from Synergistic Research, Bybee, ASI Liveline, Cardas, Supra and HiDiamond -- with "tweaks" too numerous to mention but featuring Bybee products and a variety of other products, many of which have the word "quantum" in their description.

The effort to arrive at this point with my system has been two-fold. Firstly, finding the right cables and "tweaks" for the system. Secondly, finding where to place them in the system for the best effects -- a process of trial and error. A lot of cables and "tweaks" had to be sold off in the process. I put "tweaks" in quotation marks because the best "tweaks" in my system have had as profound effect as the components on the sound. The same for the best of the cables, as well. For me, cables and "tweaks" are components.

Have I finally "arrived"? I have just about arrived at the best level that I can expect within my budget -- there are a couple of items on the way. In any case, I assume there are many levels beyond what my system has arrived at. But since I'll never get there I am sitting back and enjoying the music in the blissful recognition that I don't know what I am missing.

I should mention that there are many elements that are as important as holography for the sound to be satisfying, IMO. They include detail, transparency, coherence, tonality, and dynamics, among others. My system has all of these elements in good measure.

Have you had success with holographic sound in your system? If so, how did you get there?
Remember Carver's "Holographic" preamp. It did some fancy processing of the two stereo signals and actually did yield an astonishing three dimensional sonic image. Only trouble was that your head needed to be in one certain location, and if you moved the effect was lost.
"Remember Carver's "Holographic" preamp."

Yes, I still have one as a spare though currently on the fritz needing a repair.

It played some l/r phase tricks to increase holography (not create it from scratch) and worked best for small monitors or other more directional designs. It also had some minor tonal side effects.

It worked as described with my small Triangle monitors. Less so for Magnepans when I had them, and virtually no positive effect with my more omni OHM Walsh speakers.

Also in the recipe I think I misstated the setup requirement somewhat. As I recall, in most rooms, reflected sound must ideally travel at least 10 feet or so further than the direct sound to reach your ears at the right time for best 3-d/holographic results.
Eldartford, you're still around? Good! ...Thought you drug up, along with "Shadorne", quite awhile ago.

Oh, yeah... I fully agree with Mapman's recipe!

A "well-engineered" recording, played through even the modest of systems, can/will sound amazing! Even in most automobiles I've rented over the years (mid-sized) with factory installations, while wearing out the FM radio's 'scan' button from ADD, I lock on WPR/NPR stations when they're playing 15-30 seconds worth of various well-recorded filler instrumental passages between topic segments. "WHOA!!!" It stands out that remarkably in comparison to everything else I "sample" while commuting. Uhhh, where was I going with this? Oh, yeah... recording, recording, recording!
If I remember Carver's scheme...

Your left ear hears the right speaker slightly delayed because your left ear is further from the right speaker.
So, add to the left signal a delayed and inverted right signal to cancel out right speaker sound to the left ear. Similar for the right ear.