What does Hi-Fi Even Mean anymore?

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Thanks for sharing the article. IMO, Alex Munro is spot on with current state of HiFi, 

"The original proposition and purpose of hi-fi has all but gone. That is except for a hard core among audio enthusiasts, who are still making tiny incremental changes to a component audio system seeking the ultimate sound, adopting higher and higher resolution replay sources. But only those of them who attend a lot of live unamplified music have kept touch with the original aims of hi-fi.”
Yes I thought that comment was spot on too. I feel like I pass that test. I recall what got me into this stuff back in the "early days of hifi" as a kid and try not to get sidetracked. But of course to each their own. It’s all good fun and entertainment.

I still like the term hi-fi and use it all the time.  Still says it all.  Except the fidelity these days is not just higher than ever but easier to obtain for more.
I was more down with Louis Dorio myself:

"Hi-fi in 2021 really has to do with a philosophy rather than a set of stringent requirements. It’s instead a listener’s pursuit of the best playback quality, independent of the format (vinyl, digital) that the listener chooses. Hi-fi often gets thrown around as a marketing term — a way to try to get music lovers to buy products — but it’s not necessarily always about that."

Also I found the reply from the CEO of McIntosh to be almost incomprehensible.
@mapman Good read thanks.
Interesting article Thanks...

Interesting article which adress in NO way at all the Audio problem directly....

I am flabbergasted by the imperative of market consumerism on audiophile....

And all these men sells something.... Except the solutions....

 The history and evolution of tech and sources are interesting for sure...

But the definition of what is Hi-Fi is not linked to only and mainly to  the gear, but mainly to the way we install it in his working dimensions whatever it is .... 

High Fidelity - the movie! John Cusack, et al ...
Addresses in no way?  
I’d argue it addresses 80-90%.  Maybe more.  
Good luck finding unamplified music.
Even the buskers have battery smpsy.
Hey.  I just like switching on the steereo, sitting in my easy chair, and listening to a few tunes.  In the best audio fidelity I can reasonably muster.
It's means what it's always meant. The McIntosh guy got it about right. 
 only those of them who attend a lot of live unamplified music have kept touch with the original aims of hi-fi.

Good golly gosh. So I can't be hi-fi, because I haven't attended a live acoustic music event in years?

Holy elitist, Batman! Where do they get these ideas?

Yes Robin, but the arrogance of some people knows no bounds.

The original goal of hifi was to reproduce live music as best as possible so holy snowflake Batman don’t get your cowl in a tizzy. 🎭 You can have whatever goal you please. It’s a free country. At least when it comes to hifi.  The hifi police are not out to get you. Stating facts is a best practice for all......nothing elite about it. Some may just do it better than others. Time for a chill pill. 💊. That or perhaps lay off the weed a bit it can make one paranoid you know.
"Good luck finding unamplified music.
Even the buskers have battery smpsy."

Piano can do. That is how I know that my system is not Hi-Fi.