What does capacitor endurance mean?

I recently had my Synergistic Research MPC modded which include a 680uf 50v Panasonic FM electrolytic capacitor. Its endurance is rated as 7000 hours. Since I leave the MPC plugged in 24/7, this only equates to 292 days! Am I understanding what the 7000 endurance spec correctly to mean that the capacitor will roughly have this lifespan before it fails? If so then I need to rethink keeping the MPC plugged in all the time.
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This rating is at 105degC. Assuming your capacitor runs at slightly elevated temperature of 45degC it will last over 50 years (since life of capacitor doubles for every 10deg C temperature drop). At this time electrolyte will simply dry out causing increase in internal resistance (ESR). Endurance is defined as lifetime under extreme conditions (max voltage, max ripple current, max temp). The reason for this is self-heating caused by max ripple current thru increased ESR. Since ESR increases with temperature at certain point there would be thermal runaway. Capacitor has fuse (rubber plug or weakened top) to prevent huge explosion.

For this to happen capacitor has to be really bad (dried out) and you will hear it way before. It is also not likely that anybody would design anything operating even close to max ripple current allowed not to mention 105degC temperature.

In 50 years when it fails I will be already dead, so please don't try to contact me.