What does audyssey do where subwoofer rolls off

For example, if you have a closed box subwoofer that is at f3 at 30 hz and continues to roll off (6 db per octave, right?) but audyssey is trying to make a flat response t the listening position...does it boost power 6 db at 20 hz? If so where does this behavior stop? It seems like you would be running out of amplifier power but audyssey doesn't know how much power your amp/sub can handle.

What does it do?
I'm not completely certain, but.....

I believe that Audyssey behaves exactly as you describe with the EQ lower limit set at 20hz. The set-up sweeps are run at a modest SPL (75db), so most high quality powered subs shouldn't misbehave too badly during set-up. I'd guess that any real overdrive problems on most quality subs would only become evident at higher SPLs. As long as you turn up the volume dial slowly after set-up, I think you'll avoid any really unpleasant surprises (damaged gear).

Remember, too, that the ear isnt terribly sensitive to high distortion levels at very low frequencies and that most music has very little energy way down there. A little distortion during the car explosion sequence probably won't be enough to distract you. OTOH, if you listen to pipe organ music at 110 + db and you want to play it safe, get two (or more) high output subs for an Audyssey equipped system. I use two 12" Rythmik subs and my sense is that I'm not really near max clean SPL in my loud listening sessions even with deep bass heavy music material.

As a practical matter, I think one quality sub should be okay in normal sized rooms with normal program material at normal SPLs.
I'm pretty certain that audysey is going to default its processing power on NOT boosting holes in any part of the freq response, but rather on knocking down the peaks! If it did, clipping and distortion would likely be the side effects, overdriving amps, overworking drivers, and so on.
You still simply cannot rely on any level of fancy EQ system to be a FIX-ALL for undersized drivers, acoustic holes in speaker/ seating locations, flaws in speakers and basic setup inadequacies, etc. The audyssey is a helping tool, not a bandaid!..FTR. Anyway, I believe the roll off on the sub- if it played out in a large space as attenuated frequency response - would go virtually untoucyhed by audussey. On the other hand, say, in a smaller acoustic space, where boundary reinforcement would boost the overall bass reigion, necessitating a possible reduction in overall base bump, yes, then audussey would EQ the excess gain out, to smooth response.
Audussey alsoight adjust phase response or even rt60, but I'm not sure. Might send email to them n ask. Otherwise read up on the many aricles on a search.
I definitely researched this on the web first. I didn't find much. It makes sense that it would be more about removing peaks than things like boosting bass. It would be nice if there was a way to see what it was doing to the frequency curve.
While some EQ systems have been developed to tame peaks only, my understanding (again, not certain, but vaguely recalled from days researching the system) is that Audyssey actually does boost nulls, as well. It may well be that any boost is limited for frequency and/or amplitude to avoid the "runaway amp draw" being discussed here, but I do seem to recall both boost and cut. BTW, certain other EQ systems (Velodyne for one) definitely include boost, so Audyssey would not be unique in this regard.

Again, I can't claim certainty on this point, but I did a boatload of research on Audyssey 4 or 5 years ago and I remember it this way. Then again, my memory ain't what it used to be!
I am a Audyssey Installer. We measure totally different compared to the Audyssey way. The endresults are superior compared to the Audyssey Way. Because with the Audyssey methode you loose too much dynamics and drive. We also measure differently then 75 db. I will not give this information, because I never had such a big advantage over other audio shops.

With Audyssey pro you get a stunning level of integration with your subwoofer. Sofar I never auditioend this level at any show or client over 16 years of time.

Audio is all about comparing and testing. When you try things differently based on your thoughts it is often easy to create a higher endresult.

I have had a few surround specialists hearing my set. One of them said: you have gold in your hands. This is the way how I measure a subwoofer. I call it stealth integration. Lst year at a show many people came to me and said: we cannot hear your subwoofer. I played Kraftwerk at very high volums. It goes very deep ( my sub goes to 16hz) but the most special thing is that I use it till 140hz. This makes the low freq. become physical apparent. Even when the double bass or drumm is on the left side of the recording, here is also the energy and dynamics coming from. Subwoofer stands 2,5 metres from this place.

I do not have any problem with a higher roll of. Because you can influence this part before you do the measurment.

When you look further in sound, you will find out that you can achieve a much higher endresult!
My subwoofer integration is not even of this world!!! ..I actually have attained such a level of expert "golden ear" hearing status, that even audiophile systems costing $100 million dollars can't play as well as I hear!! NO KIDDING! Really, my expert tunning and golden ear tendancies are SO good, that I hear better than I did when I was born with platinum ears!!!!!
...my hearing and system EQ'ing skills are soo good, that even the most interesting man in the world comes to me for stereo advice! ..That's how good I am at being the best audiophile EQ tunner in the universe.
No need to try anyone elses skills for audio tweaking. Thanks
Yes, yes. That's what I meant!.. Diamond status audiophile Kimchi Kum Louda hearing!!. That's I what I meant. Sorry. ...Highest order listening considerations and assessments only, of course..clearly.
Thanks for the correction
No no! All people DO NOT deserve the very best! ..We deserve what we create!! U stand corrected..

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That is why you need to look further. I have said this many times. When I test something in audio and it doesn't satisfy me I will do it differently. This way leads to better results.
Look further..looook further. Got it. -Note to self this New Years. Yes, Einstein would be so proud.