What do you want from the hobby?

There is a "wonderful" article about a listening experience at "Oswald's Mill",that is beautifully written by Michael Lavorgna!
This can be found on the "Six Moons web-site",under "industry news"(see the latest dated addition of the "mill" sessions).....I LOVED it!!I,also "think" I "got it"!!
The writer REALLY touches upon "something" in his wrap-up of his unique experience,and it almost made me cry(just kidding,but it was quite touching,regarding our wonderful hobby).
Now I am even more aware of the "why" of being so smitten with my "own" take on what I like in my system,as well as why I "SO" enjoy a different,but serious spin from some other interesting yet unique hobbyists' approaches.

I mention this on the analog forum because I know so many folks are "inspired" hobbyists,but mostly I have corresponded with many of you,and just "think" you might enjoy the "theme" of the fine article!

Great read!...On the money postscript!!

At its best, inspiration.
Sorry!It can be found in "Industry Features"!!
Really interesting site! however never found the artical yet by Lavorgna, got off track looking around.

I know acouple of "old school" fellows up here in Canada that would fit right in with Oswaldsmillaudio.

Certainly a differant world of audio which you won't read much about here.

I'm sure there is something to it if you have seen and read about the one of designs by Alon Wolf of Magico.

Thanks for posting it.
A very interesting read! I certainly envy the owner of that much(many) solidly constructed listening area(s). I totally can relate to the quest of seeing how much can be squeezed out of early technologies(especially tubed gear), and concur that early design/production was done with greater precision, and to closer tolerances than today's(especially with regard to today's tube manufacturers- KR/WE/EAT being the exceptions to that rule. One thing that was missing in the article though: For all the mention of "The Hobby", "Audio", "efficiency", and "power", not once was "The Music" mentioned. I've yet to hear music in a cinema(one of his references) that sounded like what I've experienced in a concert hall/jazz club, with the exception of it's SPL. Are these individuals after the gestalt of live music and it's experience, or older equipment/technology enthusiasts? Not that I feel there is anything wrong with their goal(or anyone else's, whatever may make them happy). One of my best friends restores/collects Edison Phonographs. I WOULD most definitely like to visit the Mill at some point and actually hear the systems. Then again, this is the page that I was reading, and perhaps I missed the "it" that you referred to as having "gotten": (http://www.oswaldsmillaudio.com/about.html)

Hard to find but very cool. Thanks.
joy and happiness!
Its hard to find intersting reading for us over the hill analog guys.... thanks for posting in Agon Forum.
That article is worth it just for the pictures. His comments on forum posting ring a bell. Looking at threads, so many arguments start with, " Your system and opinions are c..p". They fall into the area of simple bad manners. Apart from the laws of physics, mechanics, electronics, there are few right or wrong answers, just opinions, more or less well informed. The only remaining point is, how do you get an invitation to the mill, next year?
I think we all can have similar experiences,if we have a nice group of audio pals,owning different equipment.AND having real enthusiasm for both music,and fine equipment.

I am lucky here,and when we do get together there is always great music/wine/food/friendship.Not to mention the more than occassional carnivorous catfight,surrounding each of our "own" takes on set-up taste!....This can get quite distressful but we always end on a friendly note.

My opinion is.... I'd LOVE to put a little "bug" in the car of "those" who drove everyone to a specific listening session."Then" I'd "really" be able to get the scoop on how each listener liked/or not a specific system....Most can seem polite at first,but the "real story" comes out in the wash,later-on!To the usual chagrin,and sometimes pocket book of the hosting person.-:)