What do you void listening?

Which songs or bands tell you to move to the next channel or change record or CD?
My alphabet starts from
Air Supply -- replace with something else IMMEDIATELY!
Sam Cooke believe it or not
Barry Manilow
Luis Armstrong
Neil Young
Bob Dylan
Rolling Stones
Most of Beatles.
WOW!!! I really like all those bands and singers.

I can usually find something redeeming in anyone gifted
enough to put their music and talent on display for others.
I may not "get" their message or like their tone,
but I am not about to make a negative comment on what
someone else does for a living and I think all art has

What purpose does a thread like this serve, except to stir
up a big debate that cannot be won or even rationalized
because every opinion is just that. A bunch of useless
banter that will move towards being mean spirited.

How many more "Hall of Fame" musicians and singer
songwriters make you run for the remote? Say's a lot about
your music taste. (oops starting to get snarky...he,he,he).

Gettin' the popcorn and butter ready...... this should get
good pretty quick!
I think all art has
Agree to that, but still wanna switch ASAP!
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Bruce Springsteen on many an occasion.
most country, rap, and techno. Rap sounds like somebody is very unhappy with a broom stick you know where, techno gives me a headache, and country starts to make me depressed. I should put them all in a blender and see what comes out. That might be pretty . . . mmm? Actually I like a little country stuff, just a little. The happy stuff when everybody gets there truck, marriage and dog back.
I like old country and bluegrass. I adore Doc/Merle Watson. I'd definitely skip Conway Twitty, Barbara Mandrell, Randy Travis, George Strait.
Very cool thread. Mapman, for me only Bruce's " Born In the USA".
That tune is a switcher. Czarivey, I like what I call "Classic Country"
and bluegrass but I can't stand the newer stuff. I don't like rap, hip hop and
such. Fact, I only listen to classical or NPR radio these days. All my local rock
radio stations play the same old tired tunes.
Bach is best, skip the rest.
I skip Bach. I only like Russian Classical Modern: Prokofiev, Rachmaninoff, Dunaevsky, Schnittke, Skryabin, Stravinsky.
Well CZ thats an emotional decision, not a musical one.
CZ maybe you need new cables.
I don't know what to say to someone who avoids Bach and neglects to include Shostakovich in a list of modern Russians.
Most of the music heard on The Voice. I'm into Classical, Jazz and Hillbilly (old fashioned fiddle, toe tapping stuff, based on music from the British Isles).

Czarivey, hang in there! I can pass on Bach as well. Actually I'd never turn it off, but I do find it boring.
I've noticed,among non-musicians anyway, that love of Bach is often correlated to love of God.
I do not neglect Shostakovich and have no relationship with God. I let Him do His own business and He lets me do My own business without pressuring one another. I believe it's not bad at all. Anything I needed in my life I found I can help myself much better and faster than asking Him to do or create that.
^ BAMMMM!!!! Lightening Bolt... I smell something burning:>)
Women and audio dealers
Sheryl Crow
Michael Bolton
Kenny G
Norah Jones
Jamie Johnson
Hayes Carll
Bon Jovi
Rap noise
Well, some 60 odd years ago during summer vacation I was sitting on the back porch with my grandmother. I said to her, no doubt like every kid has ,that I was bored.

Now granny was a product of the toughest slum in Europe, the notorious Gorbals of Glasgow, Scotland and though she was a loving woman, it was strickly of the "tough love" variety.
One tough cookie , who could curdle milk at a hundred yards
with one glance. And did !
She fixed those blue eyes that could bore a hole through you skull and said one sentence that has stayed with me all my days, more so than any advice I've ever received from anyone.
She said, , "If you're bored its because you are boring".

She only completed 3rd grade but Gran was no dummy.
Frogman, It was boring.
That's how I normally listen to Bach.
Well, that explains a lot. :-)
Most of your list and Rap, you meant "music" right?

There's so much garbage and me-too crap I'm turning back in time to find quality recordings of good stuff.
I don't think I meant "music" when mentioned Rolling Stones LOL!
The Doors, I don't know why, but for sure.
Rap music/poetry gets an immediate rejection. I find it annoying and at the same time insulting and degrading!
I find making blanket statements about entire genres insulting and degrading.
I find making blanket statements about entire genres insulting and degrading.

It's mainly just ignorant.
What music one chooses to listen to is, in great part, dependent on your life experiences.

When you took that first ride in a red convertible on a warm summer night with a stunning blond sitting next to you, you're pretty much going to like whatever you remember was playing on the radio.

If your father was a concert violinist, you're going to like classical music.

If all your friends in high school shunned a particular band, likely you will too.

Is an acquaintance was a fan of fusion jazz and took the time to explain it to you, you're at least going to consider listening to it.

If you attend a liver performance, whatever is played is going to move up on your preference list.

So this thread really has nothing to do with music
"So this thread really has nothing to do with music"

Bingo, its about likes and dislikes. Nothing ignorant about a man who knows what he likes and doesn't like.
I'm with Goose all the way.
Hip hop and rap are dying styles now. Not as many young black Americans nowdays listen to it as it used to be 5...6 years ago. Substantially less other young folks from other ethnic groups listen to that either. It's fading away in most of the US AMEN. I can see these statistics as I sell music. HipHop and rap records or CDs are dead investment and hardest to sell
Rock music is a dying style. Not as many young white Americans are listening to it now.Other color people are also not listening to as much rock. THANK GO it's finally going away. I know this because I work in a record store. Rock music CDs just sit on the rack collecting dust.
****Hip hop and rap are dying styles now. ****

****Rock music is a dying style.****

Hmmm.....perfect opportunity for a Disco comeback.
Bruce Springsteen. He seems to act like he is putting so much emotion into his singing, but to me he sounds like a phony and untalented.
Oh, yeah, I also cant stand Rap Music.
Ozzy, you might try some of Bruce's stuff where it's just him and an acoustic guitar. I find it to my liking whereas, like you, I've never liked his stuff with his band. Turns me off big time.
Frogman, I'm very satisfied with new rock groups and they're all growing.
Rock music does still rock and far not dying style.
Really Billbartuska?
I grew up in abject poverty, never heard a piece of Classical Music in my life, or even knew it existed for that matter.
One day coming in from a hard patrol in Vietnam I heard the great Swedish tenor Jussi Borling sing the "Un bel Di" aria
from Madam Butterfly on short-wave from Australia, it froze me like a deer in the headlights.
Classical Music was THE reason , a high-school drop-out who joined the Army at 16 had a BA and MA from elite colleges 5 years after leaving the Army.

It showed me what humans can do, while rock etc show you how low than can go.

That was in 1966, from that day to this, Classical Music is 90% of all my listening and I listen at least 5-6 hours a day ,every day.
Schubert - Thanks for sharing and thanks for serving over there. Not exactly sure how your subject line was intended but it seems to me you make Billbartuska's point very well, "What music one chooses to listen to is, in great part, dependent on your life experiences....". Obviously you are relating a life experience and moment in time that left an indelible mark.
Schubert, with that moniker I think I may be just wasting my time, but just in case.....

I recently picked up "Schubert for Two", arrangements of some of Schuberts chamber music, including one piece that was actually composed for the Guitar. Very relaxing (as opposed to 'formal') stuff. Nice evening music. The musicians were Gil Shaham and Goran Sollscher. Recorded in 2002 by DG. Still in print.
Ghost, I guess you are correct , the dad as violinist part just got me going. Thanks for the serving part, but like not a few "nam" vets, I ain't proud of it and who we really served.

Newbee, thanks, I have heard some of it on WI Public Radio, Shaham is amazing.

If there are any Hollywood producer's reading, for what its worth I would go see a movie based on your life story and how classical music affected it. Imagine the royalties!!!!

If done well, it would register strongly with many folk out there, similar to Forrest Gump but in a fundamentally different way I suspect and might help develop new interests in good music.

Forest Gump is one of my absolute favorite movies. It registers on a fundamental level with many, especially those who lived through the times depicted, but is so much more than a mere nod to pop culture and politics of the time.
Schubert, if you're not proud for your service in 'nam, I share with you your thoughts and absolutely not proud what we do now in the Mid East since WTC collapse. My hippie spirit is with the rest of protesters.
An army is to defend us civilian dwellers against hostile invasions and not at all mechanizm to invade for private interests hiding behind the mask of humanity and democracy. I really do not care what kind of government is in Iraq, Iran, Afgan, Syria, Cuba. I don't even care how they treat their own children or women, because it's their country and it's their government and not really willing to invest my tax dollar onto bringing 'democracy' using US Armed Forces.
Schubert and billbartuska, I'd love to get you two together for a viewing lot the stooges Hoi Poloi. The commentary would no doubt be priceless.
If you feel the U.S. Military's job is to defend American civilians, then world war two must have really pissed you off.
Czarivey, you make it increasing clear that you care at all about is your self.

Brownsfan, As Augustine said, a Christian is under no
obligation to argue with one who persists in "invincible ignorance" .
...indeed not -- it really hurts me when these military actions leave people with no roof, table and bread on it. Didn't you realize that we do little to no help to those who left with no government and having civil wars to decide who's going to be in charge?
I care for everyone no matter religion or color. WW2 had an intention to protect and liberate civilians from fascism.
Not only WW2 would piss me off indeed!
Wars post and including Vietnam had a completely opposite direction. Who did we liberate?? Divided Yugoslavia? Civil wars in the Mid-East? Messed-up Iraq? Livia?
Yea I don't want to use my tax dollar to get someone I don't want to get killed or robbed and that's my point.