What do you think these items will fetch???

My father recently passed away and I've been cleaning out a decades old storage locker of his and ran across some items that I can't seem to find a value on. He used to own a retail stereo store in the 70's and then went to work for Technics in the 80's. Could anyone give me a real world appraisal on these items as I didn't see them in the audio blue book.

A) brand new B&O MMC 3000 cartridge.
B) brand new Technics EPA-100 tonearm
C) brand new Technics EPA-A250 arm unit.

I appreciate any help you could provide on their value
I bet the tonearms he sneeked out in his lunch bucket.
Dear Joe: IMHO that EPA-100 is a very well regarded tonearm, I don't know about the EPA.A250: I know the EPA-250 that is a very good tonearm too. THe B&O cartridge is nothing importantto speak about.

Rgeard and enjoy the music.