what do you think of transparent reference mm1

Hi, I finally purchased my speakers. (Wilson Sophias mk 2) and am know listening w/ 12 g AR speaker cable(just so I could get placement in my listening room.
I want to get a high quality cable that will add to my system. I am powering the system with a Macintosh ma 2275 integrated amp and on the receiving end I have the Sophia's.
I have heard alot of accolades for Transparent Cables (especially from the Wilson Factory people). Please feel free to give me your insights as I would love to maximize the music i listn to.
After your new cables break-in you may want to re-positioning your speakers to their different sonic presentation!!!!
Iv'e been using the Transparent Ultra speaker cables for a few years now and don't think there is much better bang for the buck . I will likely move up to there first level of Reference ( the Ref 2 ) when finances allow . I noticed the big wigs at Revel and Levinson use Transparent exclusively . I'm not as confident with there power cords , A few years back I purchased one of there MM power cords and had a hard time finding a home for it . Only place it seemed to shine was with my Levinson DAC . After much trial and error we found the Shunyada cords worked well where ever they were installed . But I'm not a big fan of Shunyata's speaker cables or interconnects , there's better out there for the same dollar . Please chime back in with your opinion on the new cables .
I recently added Transparent Reference MM1 cabling all around. It is the best cabling I've had in my system ever. I've used MIT Oracle V2.1s, Analysis Plus Silver Ovals & Big Silver Ovals. Transparent's performance dwarfs the others. I own Sashas, Lamm M1.2 mono amps, and a dCS front end. This is the last cable company I'll use.
Our local Wilson dealer really knows their stuff when it comes to component matching, room placement, and the like. They always use high grade Transparent with their Wilson setups, and they always sound fabulous. I never hear any glare, edginess, or electronica, but rather a completely natural presentation where you're not short changed on frequency extension, transparency, or detail in the right perspective.
My advice is to try to get loaner cables and listen to it in your system. I had a home audition of Transparent Ultra Cables and it didn't sound good in my system. I don't think my amplifier works well with network based cables.
Hey Sleepman57,

What did you decide?