What do you think of this home theater system?

1) Sony DVP-9000ES DVD player with TG HSR-i v2 power cord
2) Outlaw Audio 1050 AV receiver
3) PSB Image 5T mains / 9C center / 2B surrounds
4) HSU VTF-2 subwoofer

90% home theater
10% music (primarily rock, especially highy processed studio recordings, which sound absolutely horrible on my dedicated 2 channel audio system: Meridian 508.24 / Joule-Electra electronics / Merlin VSM-SE speakers)

I currently own the Sony DVD player and Outlaw Audio AV receiver and my current speakers are the Acoustic Research HC-6 satellite / subwoofer system.

Of particular interest is how these speakers will synergize with Outlaw Electronics (I eventually want to use the preamp outs of the 1050 along with an Outlaw 755 200 wpc 5 channel amp).

Also, how much of an upgrade would the PSB Image 10S surrounds be over the 2b surrounds?
Check out the speakers at www.rocketloudspeakers.com. Definite step over the PSB and great with the Outlaw & Hsu. They are comparing the RS-750's to $2400.00 Paradigms as well as other more expensive products and they are doing very well. There are threads on avs forum at:

and Home theater talk at: http://www.hometheatertalk.com/ubb/Forum1/HTML/006428.html

The 5-speaker package with the Dipole surrounds sell for $2099.00 and this is a steal. Wally
The PSB Image's are descent enough.
If you really want some equipment FOR YOUR ROOM/SET UP however, I think there's some choices for right around your price range that might make a better HT/music chioce for your Receiver based needs...that is is you are going to stay with just a receiver to drive the speakers especially.
Receivers are limited to what they can output, especially in the dynamics department, using standard passive speakers(even more difficult in larger rooms).
My question to you would be...How big is your room(dimmensions please). You may want to consider "satalite" speakers instead of towers, depending. I mean especially with those "passive" speakers you're considering(the PSB's) using, you are definitely going to be crossing over the speakers(all of them) to 80hz/"small" setting on your receiver for movies and dynamic music anyway!(THX recommended set up). You'll get WAY stronger dynamics with the sub handling below 80hz(proper set up necessary, as with all systems),and letting the relatively weaker amplification handle the speakers above that.
Also, standard "passive" crossover speakers are mostly weak enough dynamically that they desparately need the assistance of a "powered" subwoofer to handle the demanding bass really. Infact, even with speakers with smaller built in powered woofers on the sides, I often recommend that people/clients cross over the speakers to "small" as well...just makes for better dynamic pressentation and efficiency.
If I know what the size of your room is, and the overall layout, I can recommend some just "world-beater" choices that will sound fantastic for not too much money!...tell us more about your room....
I will be living an apartment setting for the foreseeable future. At best, I will be able to use a second bedroom as a dedicated home theater room (so I guess dimensions would be around 15 ft. x 15 ft.?).

I only need a solidly designed HT processor which has a clean Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS output. By adding an outboard power amp (Outlaw 755 @ 200 wpc x 5) to the 1050, I have the potential for 6 channel surround, which is probably more than I need for the foreseeable future.

I would like rather full-range main speakers for L and R as the Outlaw 1050 has a 5.1 direct bypass switch that allows me to bypass the internal bass management and DSP processing. I would use this mode to listen to highly processed, studio rock recordings which sound horrendous on my dedicated 2 channel audio system.

I've never heard the PSB Image series speakers, but what I've read suggest that they would work very well for my needs (I also like their prodigious bass response and power handling, two things my Merlin VSM-SE speakers don't do as well).

Can I ask what specific criticisms of the PSB Image series (in particular, 5T, 9C, and 2B) you may have?

Also, have you listened to the Totem Dreamcatcher 5.1 satellite / subwoofer system?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

Well then...... if that's the case, then the system that you have listed above is just fine the way it is. I live in an apartment as well, and as such, my home theater has to be on a small scale as well. I really like your home theater the way it is. If I ever move into a house, then what I am going to do then is upgrade my whole rig altogether rather than change the just a piece or two. And if I should ever do that, then I will be going from:

Panasonic CT-27SF37 Direct-View Television/Monitor
Toshiba SD-2700 DVD/CD Player (or the Pioneer Elite DV-37 Progressive Scan DVD/CD Player)
Harman/Kardon AVR-210 Audio/Video Receiver
Sennheiser HD-580 Headphones


A table top rear projection HD television (45" to 50" range)
Continue to use my existing Pioneer Elite DV-37 as my DVD Player
And then upgrade to a Rotel RSP 1066 Pre/Pro and their matching RMB-1075 Multi Channel Amplifier
Have you considered a portable DLP projector like toe Plus Piano HE-3100? It is supposed to look quite good, even projected onto a plain white wall. I have a 32 Panasonic direct view TV and want to add this projector for DVD viewing at some time in the future.
Have you considered a portable DLP projector like the Plus Piano HE-3100? It is supposed to look quite good, even projected onto a plain white wall. I have a 32 Panasonic direct view TV and want to add this projector for DVD viewing at some time in the future.

First off, to finish my original post...... what I was saying was that if I were to move into a house anytime soon, then I was going to upgrade my home theater system as well, and upgrade to a much bigger one. I say this because, if I should get me a three or four bedroom house, or a three bedroom house with a basement, then I was going to turn one of those spare bedrooms into a home theater room, and maybe turn a room in the basement into an listening room (like you, I also prefer to have separate systems for music listening and for home theater..... and because the home theater is also going to double as an entertainment center as well so I can provide music for company if/when company should come over to visit, and that way, my expensive audio system (to me, anyway) won't be messed around with), or vice versa.

But what I'll be upgrading from is:

Panasonic CT-27SF37 Direct-View Television/Monitor (27")

Toshiba SD-2700 (my DVD Player at the moment, at least until I finally bring the Pioneer Elite back into the system...... it's connected to the audio system (which is located in a separate room) at the moment)

Harman/Kardon AVR-210 Audio/Video Receiver

Sennheiser HD-580 Headphones

To this (hopefully, not long after I purchase my house):

A table top rear projection HD television/monitor (45" to 50" range)

Continue to use my existing Pioneer Elite DV-37 as my DVD Player until the new HD-DVD Players hit the market in about two years or so, then I will upgrade to a second generation HD-DVD Player after that (I always wait until the second generation comes out when a new technology emerges. That way, they will have worked out most of the bugs that will probably plague the first generation models. And also, that way, I won't be stuck with an obsolete machine either)

And then upgrade the audio portion of my system from my existing Harman/Kardon Receiver to maybe a Rotel RSP-1066 Pre/Pro and their matching RMB-1075 Multi-Channel Power Amplifier or Outlaw's new $900.00 Pre/Pro and their matching Multi-Channel Power Amplifier (I will have all of the latest features and decoding capabilities and a boatload of power, for just around $2,000.00 or so) as well

And then get my first home theater speaker package. From the onset, I like the Snell K.5 MkII Speaker Package System right now. If a bigger budget should emerge, then I may look at a Totem package as well

That would be what I would upgrade to when I finally get me a house to put it in, or so.

Now........ enough about me.......

Secondly, about what you said about the possibility of using a DLP Projector. Well....... to be quite honest with you, that thought really hasn't crossed my mind. I might investigate the possibility of using a DLP Projector as well. Cost and maintainence will be major deciding factors if I should decide to look into using one instead of an HD-RPTV (which is the avenue I am likely to travel).

And third...... like I said, from the onset, I like your home theater system the way it is now. Personally speaking...... I wouldn't change a thing. I don't see anything wrong with PSB Speakers. In fact, I think very highly of them, as they provide a tremendous bang for the buck. If you like these speakers, then I say you should go ahead and go for it. That would be my call.

Well....... that's all the insight I have right now. Hope you let us know when you finally unveil your new system.

Later....... and Regards to you.........

The Immage series stuff sounds ok, and might be alright for straight HT applications. However, assuming you have an 8ft ceiling, I would suggest a more "focused" type speaker that will lessen coloration from room reflections, something with controled disperssion, such as Diappolito designed configured speakers(or similar, like the SUPERIOR PSB Stratus Silvers...much better/higher end sounding speaker, and better for movies or rock!), horm loaded speaekrs or Stuff like Def Tech's "powered" tower speakers would be better, and much much much more dynamic sounding!
Although, especially with the 5T PSB's, YOU SOULD DEFINITELY BE CROSSING EM OVER AT 80HZ OR SO FOR YOUR MOVIE AND ROCK MUSIC APPLICATIONS!! Yes, they'll play full range, and have OK dynamics. HOwever they still won't sound as dynamic as if you let a dedicated "powered" active subwoofer with larger driver handle the bass!! You can of course try it both way's, but you will find out that you can clip and distort those speakers easity, as with most speakers like that. The reason a lot of audiophile "dainty" speakers out there sound aweful for rock is thay have really bad dynamic capability on the whole! Standard passive speakers like the IMage 5T's are no exception, and will really benefit from active woofer application!...So I recommend keeping the same crossover, playing as as "small" or thereabouts, and using the woofer. Besides, with most hard dynamics rock, percussion, techno, rap, R&B, etc, you won't be trying to pull out that last "enth" of clairity and tranparancy, so using a digital crossover won't hurt you. On the other hand, if try to do "bypass", and run the immages 5t's full range, you're going to run into the limits of the speaker quick! I can't tell you how many drivers I've blown running full range speakers, even with high high current amps! Also, the dynamics is NEVER as strong as it is when you PROPERLY set up a good sub/sat/mains crossover set up! Take advantage of that ACTIVE POWERED subwoofer!..
...Another choice, would be either something like M&K's superior little satalites with a woofer combination, used for both your movies and rock music, or any music really! For about $250 ea retail, you can buy the M&K K7's(EXCELLENT!), and a great subwoofer, and get tremendously dynamic, focused, coherent, dialog intelligable, speaker set up, that will continue to amaze you, no matter what you play through it!
I have yet to hear better for the money than say 3 M&K K7 satalites(4 ohm), with something like an M&K MX series sub, Earthquake sub, or Sunfire in a smallish/medium room with good electronics!!!!....VERY VERY good infact!
Also, doing some of Def Tech's powered BP2006's with a sub would be a great choice(but would still cross over as "small"), using an active woofer on both mains, and adding a sub! You could even get away with no sub, and use the bigger PB2002tl's with powered 500w 12" subs!
However, you might have to be careful with cabling, so you don't get too bright a sound...the Outlaw should not make for a bright match with the slightly Analytical/cool sounding Def Tech's. Areas the Powered Def TEch's will excell will be dyanamics, clarity, non-coloration, and soundstage.
However, really, for the money, I garantee you'll not do better than say 3 M&K K7's, 2 M&K dipoles/tripoles, and a great powered subwoofer or two!!! You'll save money over the PSB5t's by a ton!!!!...and still have better movies and music in my oppinion!
I also am into the Ultra high end 2 channel systems, and have been using the likes of Thiel 2.3's and Sonus Faber Electa Amators with Threshold class A rated amp and Pass labs/Audio Research preamp..so I like high end sound myself.
However, for the money, for rock, heavy dynamic music and DD/DTS soundtracks, you can't get better for the $!!!....might want to check it out. (mksound.com)
However, all that asside, as with the Immage 5t's, your performance overall will depend greatly on how well you can set up all the speaker for great sound in that small room!
Good luck
good luck
Hello Chilidog:

I read a highly complementary review of the M & K K7, K4, and V75mk2 speaker system at Secrets of Home Theater and Hi Fi.

How do you think these speakers would work with Outlaw Electronics (1050 AV receiver, and with 1050 as preamp and 755 as amp - 200 wpc x 5)? What do you think would be an optimal processor / amp match for these speakers?

More generally, how important is it to match the subwoofer to the rest of the speakers? What do you think of the HSU VTF-2 as a cost effective subwoofer?

Finally, do you think that the digital crossover in a modestly priced processor such as the Outlaw 1050 is sufficiently "invisible" when used with these speakers to listen to 2 channel rock and roll without "hearing" the crossover?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!